Friday, February 23, 2024

Caldera Medical's Humanitarian Effort Reaches New Heights: 400,000 Women Treated Worldwide

 Caldera Medical's Humanitarian Program Aims to Transform Women's Health Globally

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Caldera Medical, renowned for its dedication to improving the quality of life for women, has announced significant milestones in its global humanitarian program. In partnership with surgeons worldwide, the initiative revolutionizes women's healthcare, especially in underserved regions.

Since the program's expansion in 2016, Caldera Medical has embarked on 296 missions across 56 countries, treating over 400,000 women. These missions have not just been about providing immediate healthcare but also about building sustainable systems. By focusing on remote regions with limited women's healthcare access, Caldera Medical and its partners ensure that quality healthcare reaches the most vulnerable.

The commitment to empowering local healthcare professionals is at the heart of this initiative. Partner surgeons and clinics worldwide, backed by Caldera Medical, have been trained in the intricacies of pelvic health. Over 600 surgeons have been equipped with the essential tools and knowledge to tackle and treat women's health issues effectively. This collaboration fosters sustainable healthcare practices, ensuring an enduring impact that goes beyond immediate interventions.

"Our efforts have profoundly transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of women," says Tiffany Broadway, Humanitarian Program Director. "Relieving their pain and elevating their overall well-being is at the core of everything we do."

With the ambitious goal of aiding one million women by 2027, Caldera Medical stands firm in its mission to "Improve the Quality of Life for Women." The company believes that geographical location or socioeconomic status should not determine access to premier pelvic healthcare. As Caldera Medical moves forward, it aims to broaden its reach, establish new partnerships, and amplify its global impact. They envision a world where every woman's health is paramount, and no woman is sidelined.

About Caldera Medical

Caldera Medical is a medical device company solely focused on women’s health with a commitment to our mission of “Improving the Quality of Life for Women!” Caldera Medical develops, manufactures and markets best-in-class surgical products for the treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence, Pelvic Organ Prolapse Polyps and Fibroids.

Caldera Medical forms close relationships with surgeons and continues to build the company around a principle of customer intimacy. In partnership with its surgeon customers, Caldera Medical has the largest humanitarian program of any women’s health company.



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