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Entos Pharmaceuticals Passes Significant Enrollment Milestone in Phase 2 Clinical Trial of its COVID-19 DNA Vaccine

 EDMONTON, Alberta & OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso

This phase 2 trial evaluates the safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of Covigenix VAX-001-1b in healthy adults 18 years and older

A total of 268 participants have been enrolled in the study at two sites in Burkina Faso, completing the single and two-dose cohorts

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Entos Pharmaceuticals (Entos), a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing genetic medicines with its Fusogenix proteolipid vehicle (PLV) nucleic acid delivery platform, and Centre National de Recherche et de Formation sur le Paludisme (CNRFP), the Burkina Faso site team lead by Dr. Gansane Adama, announced today that enrollment is now complete into the single and two-dose cohorts of the Phase 2 clinical trial of Covigenix VAX-001-1b (Covigenix), its COVID-19 DNA vaccine. A total of 268 participants are enrolled in the study at two sites in Burkina Faso. The phase 2 trial in Burkina Faso is managed by Clinical Pharma Solutions Inc. based in Ontario, Canada.

“We’re thrilled that recruitment for our Phase 2 trial of our COVID-19 DNA vaccine was completed so quickly by Dr. Adama’s team in Burkina Faso. We’d like to extend our deepest gratitude to all the study participants, without whom, this milestone would not be possible,” said John D. Lewis, Ph.D., founder, and CEO of Entos Pharmaceuticals. “The continued progress of our Covigenix vaccine clinical development program brings us closer towards providing a potentially effective and safe fridge-stable, single-dose vaccine against COVID-19 to under-vaccinated regions of the world.”

Formulated using Entos’ Fusogenix PLV delivery platform, Covigenix is a DNA vaccine encoding SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein and two genetic adjuvants engineered to stimulate the adaptive and innate immune systems. By stimulating both arms of the immune system, the vaccine is designed to provide effective and durable protection against COVID-19. Preclinical studies of Covigenix demonstrated potent immunogenicity, conferring protection from infection with SARS-CoV-2 in animal models. Given the high stability of DNA, Covigenix has the key advantage of stability for more than a year at normal refrigerated temperatures, making it more cost-effective to store, transport, and deploy to developing countries compared to approved vaccines.

The ongoing Phase 2 trial was preceded by a first-in-human Phase 1 study conducted in Canada. In Phase 1, Entos’ Fusogenix PLV platform was determined to be safe and well-tolerated for the intracellular delivery of DNA, with the potential to promote positive immunological outcomes in a single vaccine dose. The ongoing Phase 2 randomized, observer-blind clinical trial in Burkina Faso is further evaluating the safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of Entos’ single-dose and double-dose regimens of the intramuscularly administered Covigenix DNA vaccine candidate in healthy adults 18 or older.

“Despite the availability of mRNA-based vaccines, COVID-19 is still a major problem in Burkina Faso and other countries with vulnerable populations,” said Dr. Gansane Adama, Principal Investigator with CNRFP. “We need vaccines that are safe, effective, and easy to transport, store, and administer. With the study now fully enrolled, we look forward to generating data that can inform the potential utility of this important investigational vaccine.”

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About Entos Pharmaceuticals Inc.

A new reality in genetic medicine lies ahead, one that will be ushered in with the advent of safe, effective, and redosable nucleic acid delivery technologies. At Entos, we develop next generation genetic medicines using our proprietary Fusogenix proteolipid vehicle (PLV) drug delivery system. Fusogenix PLVs are formulated with FAST proteins to enable the delivery of nucleic acid into target cells through direct fusion. For more information, visit, or follow Entos on Twitter or LinkedIn.


The Centre National de Recherche et de Formation sur le Paludisme (CNRFP) is a research institution from the National Public Health Institute and funded by the Ministry of Health of Burkina Faso since 1983, as a need to foster quality research that will contribute to evidence-based decision making for the policymakers in Burkina Faso. The institution has its main offices in Ouagadougou, the capital city of Burkina Faso. The CNRFP has developed two research stations, located in Banfora (Clinical Research Unit of Banfora) and Sapone (Clinical Trial Centre of Balonghin), well-equipped to undertake clinical trials at any phase, compliant with national and international regulations.

The research platforms from CNRFP made contributions to the development of vaccines candidate (malaria, Ebola, Covid-19) and antimalarial drug development with support and funds from the Ministry of Health and international partners. For more information, visit the website

Forward Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements, within the meaning of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended and forward-looking information under applicable Canadian securities laws (such forward-looking statements and forward-looking information are collectively referred to herein as "forward-looking statements"). Forward-looking statements contained in this press release include statements regarding Entos' belief as to the mode of action and potential and benefits of Fusogenix proteolipid vehicle platform; the mode of action and potential and benefits of Covigenix VAX-001-1b (Covigenix) as a COVID-19 vaccine; Entos' plans to advance towards a phase 3 study for COVID-19; and other statements related to anticipated developments in Entos' business and technologies. In any forward-looking statement in which Entos expresses an expectation or belief as to future results, such expectations or beliefs are expressed in good faith and are believed to have a reasonable basis, but there can be no assurance that the statement or expectation or belief will be achieved. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, which could cause Entos' actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements. Such risks and uncertainties include, among others, the availability of funds and resources to pursue research and development projects, the efficacy of Fusogenix as a nucleic acid delivery vehicle, the efficacy of Covigenix as a COVID-19 vaccine, the success and timely completion of clinical studies and trials, Entos' ability to successfully commercialize Covigenix, uncertainties related to the research and development of pharmaceuticals, uncertainties related to the regulatory process and general changes to the economic environment. In particular, we may be impacted by business interruptions resulting from COVID-19 coronavirus, including operating, manufacturing supply chain, clinical trial and project development delays and disruptions, labour shortages, travel and shipping disruption, and shutdowns (including as a result of government regulation and prevention measures). It is unknown whether and how Entos may be affected if the COVID-19 pandemic persists for an extended period of time. We may incur expenses or delays relating to such events outside of our control, which could have a material adverse impact on our business, operating results, and financial condition. Investors should consult with the Canadian and U.S. securities commissions for additional information on risks and uncertainties relating to the forward-looking statements. Investors are cautioned against placing undue reliance on forward-looking statements. The Company does not undertake any obligation to update these forward-looking statements, except as required by applicable laws.


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Entos Pharmaceuticals Corporate Contact:

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Dr. Gansane Adama, PharmD, Msc, PhD




ABB to Sell Remaining Stake in Hitachi Energy to Hitachi

 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- ABB has reached an agreement to divest to Hitachi, Ltd. (Hitachi) its remaining 19.9 percent equity stake in the Hitachi Energy joint venture that was formed from ABB’s Power Grids business in 2020, with Hitachi holding a stake of 80.1 percent. Hitachi has exercised its call option that was agreed between the parties in December 2018.

The call option’s exercise value is $1.679 billion. The companies have agreed to settle remaining obligations relating to the original transaction, and ABB will continue to provide transition services to Hitachi Energy for them to fully separate from ABB’s systems. ABB does not expect to record any significant gain or loss as a result of the sale. ABB expects net positive cash inflows of approximately $1.425 billion upon closing of the sale. The transaction is subject to regulatory approvals and closing is expected to happen in the fourth quarter 2022.

“We are delighted to have agreed on the final part of the transaction earlier than expected and on favorable terms. This will further strengthen our balance sheet and give us additional flexibility in our capital allocation decisions,” said Timo Ihamuotila, Chief Financial Officer of ABB.

ABB (ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a leading global technology company that energizes the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more productive, sustainable future. By connecting software to its electrification, robotics, automation and motion portfolio, ABB pushes the boundaries of technology to drive performance to new levels. With a history of excellence stretching back more than 130 years, ABB’s success is driven by about 105,000 talented employees in over 100 countries.

Hitachi drives Social Innovation Business, creating a sustainable society with data and technology. We will solve customers' and society's challenges with Lumada solutions leveraging IT, OT (Operational Technology) and products, under the business structure of Digital Systems & Services, Green Energy & Mobility, Connective Industries and Automotive Systems. Driven by green, digital, and innovation, we aim for growth through collaboration with our customers. The company’s consolidated revenues for fiscal year 2021 (ended March 31, 2022) totaled 10,264.6 billion yen ($84,136 million USD), with 853 consolidated subsidiaries and approximately 370,000 employees worldwide. For more information on Hitachi, please visit the company's website at

Important notice about forward-looking information

This press release includes forward-looking information and statements which are based on current expectations, estimates and projections about the factors that may affect our future performance. These are generally identifiable by statements containing words such as “expects”, “estimates”, or similar expressions. However, there are many risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond our control, that could cause our actual results to differ materially from the forward-looking information and statements made in this press release. These include business risks associated with the volatile global economic environment and political conditions, costs associated with compliance activities, changes in governmental regulations and currency exchange rates and such other factors as may be discussed from time to time in ABB Ltd’s filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, including its Annual Reports on Form 20-F. Although ABB Ltd believes that its expectations reflected in any such forward-looking statement are based upon reasonable assumptions, it can give no assurance that those expectations will be achieved.


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Mavenir to Deliver Cloud-Based 5G Solutions on Google Cloud

 RICHARDSON, Texas - Friday, 30. September 2022 AETOSWire 

Solution includes containerized and micro-serviced Converged 5G Packet Core, IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), Messaging, Orchestration, AI and Telco Analytics, and Open RAN products

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Mavenir announces integration of cloud-native 5G solutions with public cloud infrastructure on Google Cloud, expanding on Mavenir’s “One Network, Any Cloud All Software” strategy.

Mavenir’s collaboration with Google Cloud will allow Communications Service Providers (CSPs) deploy its 5G products and applications with Google Cloud’s scalable infrastructure, container deployment, management technologies, and big data analytics services. By offloading parts of the standard telecommunication application business to cloud functions, Mavenir’s solution reduces complexity and costs for CSPs without losing insights, performance, and network control.

Mavenir is a Network Software Provider innovating the future of networks with cloud-native software that runs on any cloud. This collaboration demonstrates true cloud-native Open RAN products in production deployment on Google Distributed Cloud. Open RAN technology separates software from hardware, meaning more flexibility for mobile operators and customers. The Open RAN approach will see many companies providing the components that make up a mobile network site, where previously one vendor would have delivered a closed solution. The technology is widely accepted as a disruptor for the telecommunications industry, with Tier 1 operators as some of the early adopters in supporting the development of this vendor ecosystem.

Validation of Mavenir’s Open RAN product in Google Cloud allows CSPs to deploy Mavenir’s 5G Open RAN products with Google Distributed Cloud Edge, global infrastructure and state-of-the-art unified container platform Anthos. The fully containerized Distributed Units (DUs) and Central Units (CUs) software run on Google Distributed Cloud Edge, enabled by Anthos, and Mavenir’s Webscale Telco PaaS to deliver ORAN-compliant RAN networks. Validation testing includes end-to-end UE calls with other simulated 5G network components. The critical DU components are incorporated with Google Distributed Cloud Edge’s new OS and RT kernel.

Mavenir’s cloud-native 5G core (5GC) and IMS solution are also suited for large-scale production deployment on Google Cloud infrastructure. By leveraging Google Cloud’s service-centric networking, advanced computers, and reliable and secure storage, Mavenir’s Network Functions offer performance on par with on-prem deployment while benefiting from offloading the infrastructure services to Google Cloud. Google Cloud’s global reach extends CSPs’ services to new areas where they were previously unavailable. Tier 1 operators are planning Mavenir’s Remote Packet Gateway (RPG) global deployments via Google Cloud’s expansive coverage in 200+ countries and territories.

The collaboration has benefited from deep technical engagement between Mavenir and Google Cloud. As an innovative ISV in 5G products and solutions, Mavenir continues to expand and optimize its offerings of fully end-to-end 5G network systems.

“Working with Google Distributed Cloud Edge enables us to bring innovative 5G products to a broader customer base at faster pace with unique capabilities to realize true 5G potential leveraging strength within the Mavenir portfolio,” said Bejoy Pankajakshan, Mavenir’s Chief Technology & Strategy Officer. “Mavenir’s 5G solutions are proven to support full public cloud as well as hybrid cloud deployments.”

“We’re delighted to collaborate with Mavenir to offer Open RAN solutions for 5G networks,” said Amol Phadke, GM: Global Telecom Industry, Google Cloud. “Combining Mavenir’s expertise in Open RAN, 5G core, and IMS with Google Distributed Cloud Edge and global infrastructure, we look forward to providing cloud-native solutions that improve agility, scale, slicing, and resiliency for our CSP customers.”

About Mavenir:

Mavenir is building the future of networks and pioneering advanced technology, focusing on the vision of a single, software-based automated network that runs on any cloud. As the industry's only end-to-end, cloud-native network software provider, Mavenir is focused on transforming the way the world connects, accelerating software network transformation for 250+ Communications Service Providers and Enterprises in over 120 countries, which serve more than 50% of the world’s subscribers.


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Mavenir PR Contacts:

Maryvonne Tubb (US)

Emmanuela Spiteri (EMEA)

Italian mattress brand Mollyflex opens first branch in the UAE

 Mollyflex, a brand that has over 40 years of experience in the art and science of promoting restful sleep through innovative products, has recently opened its first branch in Dubai. Its 5,500 sq. ft showroom is located in Al Safa Dubai, in Sunrise Building at Sheikh Zayed Road, and displays a wide range of mattresses and pillows specifically designed to reduce stress, induce deep sleep, and resolve spinal problems.


The company has deep Italian roots. Its innovative products are sourced, designed, and manufactured in the European country using the highest quality materials.  For over four decades, Mollyflex’s products have successfully combined beauty and comfort. Mollyflex has multiple product lines that are suitable for various settings and industries including homes, the hospitality sector, healthcare, etc.  


Mollyflex’s move to open a Dubai branch, yet again, emphasizes the importance of the UAE as an attractive destination for international brands. It also falls in line with Mollyflex’s plans to expand its market share by entering new territories.


Daniele Pennacchi and his sister Anna Pennacchi, Mollyflex co-founders, expressed their happiness at the opening of their first showroom in the UAE. This, they believe, will become a turning point in the company’s evolution and bring it closer to its customers in the region. The brand chose UAE as the perfect place for expansion due to their products’ appeal in the region.


On the occasion, Louay Aksh and Hussam Espir the General Managers of Royal Zone Furniture Company and Mollyflex partner brand in the UAE mentioned that “Mollyflex products will constitute an important addition to the local furniture market, particularly the more niched-down health-improving sleeping products segment of the market. The company is looking forward to maximizing the opportunities provided by the rapidly growing UAE market and has aggressive plans to open more branches in the future.”


This move becomes even more relevant in the wake of the policy changes introduced by the government recently. These changes are expected to attract more families and investors to the country and contribute to an increase in demand for furniture, especially for products designed by high-end international brands.


Founded in the city of Gedi, Brescia, in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, Mollyflex is owned and run by the Benacci family. The company maintains the well-known values of leading Italian brands and provides high-quality and aesthetically pleasing products. Its 10,000 sq. ft factory produces more than 1,000 mattresses a day and the Mollyflex team is continuously experimenting with new and latest technologies to make premium products. 


Apart from paying attention to the external appearance of its products, Mollyflex focuses on selecting the best raw materials to provide certified high-quality mattresses that best respond to the unique needs of each customer by ensuring comfortable and deeply restful sleep.


Mollyflex emphasis is on providing customers with the best value for money. Its products are accompanied by certificates that reflect its commitment to technical and health standards and signify the brand's reliability.






Micheline Macari

Landmark Global Review of the Engineering Response to Covid-19 Calls for Action to Ensure Future Pandemic Resilience


London, England-Thursday 29 September 2022

    Engineering X review of pandemic preparedness identifies key vulnerabilities

    Senior leaders endorse the need for comprehensive action by policymakers, business and academic leaders worldwide

Systemic barriers—including a lack of collaboration mechanisms, insufficient data and skills, and limited understanding and consideration of the role of engineering—reduced the ability of engineers to deliver timely and effective responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a comprehensive review of the global engineering response, published today by Engineering X.

The findings of the global review will today be presented to senior delegates from 30 countries during the annual conference of the International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences in Versailles, France.

The Global review of the engineering response to COVID-19: lessons learned for preparedness and resilience, produced in partnership with Dalberg Advisors, was conceived by the Engineering X Pandemic Preparedness programme at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in November 2020 to learn lessons and make recommendations to ensure that a more systemic engineering response is put in place to improve preparedness for future pandemics.

Ensuring that datasets and data systems used for decision-making are up-to-date and bias-free, equipping emergency response task forces with more engineering capability, and encouraging the use of open science and data sharing standards are just three of the actions recommended by the review group.

Informed by data, case studies and comment from more than 40 countries, the review highlights the breadth of contributions made by engineers and engineering globally in responding to key challenges across sectors, disciplines, geographies, and across pandemic prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. It calls on governments, policy makers, public health actors, academia and funders, along with the engineering community, to identify and close structural gaps in resilience against future pandemics, to invest in skills, training and capacity of engineers all around the world, and to develop robust platforms for collaboration within engineering and between engineering and other disciplines.

The review highlights transformational innovations in low resource contexts as well as world-changing advances in medical and communication technologies, the pivotal role of data collection, distribution and management, and the importance of applying a systems lens to complex multifaceted challenges. It identifies six major challenges during COVID-19 where engineers made key contributions:

    Providing high-quality and timely data in near real-time and in appropriate formats, leveraging big data and mobile data for modelling and contact tracing.
    Innovating rapidly to provide novel health solutions, in collaboration with scientists and clinicians, such as in the design of PPE, diagnostics, breathing aids, vaccines and digital health tools.
    Designing products and services for diverse environments and user bases to reduce inequality of access and outcomes, such as customised PPE or wastewater testing and vaccine delivery for low-resource settings.
    Pivoting existing industrial capacity and building new capacity to ramp up production of essential medical and non-medical products such as alcohol manufacturers making hand sanitisers and expanding local vaccine manufacture.
    Upgrading and streamlining global supply chains to help delivery of essential medical and non-medical products, such as cold chains and drones for last mile delivery of vaccines.
    Bolstering and ensuring the resilience of societal systems and infrastructure, such as energy and water supplies, or expanding connectivity and digital solutions for remote education or working.

The report identifies key drivers that made engineers especially useful during the COVID-19 response, such as rallying around a shared sense of purpose, which empowered them to take risks and to innovate in unprecedented timeframes. For example, engineers from University College London (UCL) designed a breathing aid prototype in under 100 hours and partnered with Mercedes AMG, who repurposed their Formula 1 factories to produce 1,000 devices a day. The open-source design has been made available to local manufacturers around the world.

Professor Peter Guthrie OBE FREng, Chair of the Engineering X Pandemic Preparedness board that commissioned the review, said: “As the COVID-19 virus and its impact continues to evolve, there is a need to reflect on the efficacy of our response to it so far and how things might be handled better in the future. Our hope is that we can use the insights provided by this truly global overview of the engineering response to COVID-19 to better integrate engineering skills and habits of mind into resilience policies and structures all around the world, to improve our recovery from the virus, and to help us on the path to a safer, more prepared and resilient future.”

Professor Rebecca Shipley OBE, Director of the UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Co-Lead of the UCL Ventura CPAP breathing device programme, said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the pivotal role that engineers play in responding to public health emergencies and resilience planning. There are important lessons that we must learn around understanding the needs of providing healthcare in diverse, global settings and working collaboratively across sectors, listening and building trust. Now is the time for governments and international organisations to act on these lessons.”

Sir Richard Feachem KBE FREng, Professor Emeritus of Global Health at the Institute for Global Health Sciences, University of California San Francisco, said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a reminder that a global emergency requires a global response, and that no single country or discipline can tackle a crisis alone. This report reinforces this message and focuses on the role of engineering in this fight. It calls on the global community to learn lessons and act to improve our future pandemic response—creating better mechanisms for global collaboration and coordination, engaging with stakeholders from across disciplines, and developing the skills needed to prevent, prepare for and respond to pandemics.”


NB This press release and the Executive Summary of the global review are both available in French, Spanish and Arabic here:

  Notes for Editors

    Dalberg Advisors (2022). Global review of the engineering response to COVID-19: lessons learned for preparedness and resilience. Engineering X (founded by the Royal Academy of Engineering and Lloyd’s Register Foundation). ISBN: 978-1-909327-56-6
     CAETS, the International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences, annual conference is being held in Versailles near Paris, France, 26–30 September 2022.
     Engineering X is an international collaboration, founded by the Royal Academy of Engineering and Lloyd’s Register Foundation, that brings together some of the world’s leading problem-solvers to address the great challenges of our age. Our global network of expert engineers, academics and business leaders is working to share best practice, explore new technologies, educate and train the next generation of engineers, build capacity, improve safety and deliver impact.
    The Engineering X Pandemic Preparedness Programme, led by the Royal Academy of Engineering, is supporting the UK and global engineering community to learn from the COVID-19 pandemic through global sharing of lessons on disruptive solutions and best practice approaches in the prevention, preparedness, response and recovery from pandemics.
    The Royal Academy of Engineering is harnessing the power of engineering to build a sustainable society and an inclusive economy that works for everyone. In collaboration with our Fellows and partners, we’re growing talent and developing skills for the future, driving innovation and building global partnerships, and influencing policy and engaging the public. Together we’re working to tackle the greatest challenges of our age.

The Academy, working with our partners in the National Engineering Policy Centre (NEPC), provided advice to government on a range of areas during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Royal Academy of Engineering

Pippa Cox

+44 20 7766 0745

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Mavenir Launches 5G Small Cell for High-Capacity In-building Standalone Coverage

 Ideal small cell for Communication Service Providers and Private Network Operators targeting 5G in-building coverage for enterprise and public spaces

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Mavenir, the Network Software Provider building the future of networks with cloud-native software that runs on any cloud and transforms the way the world connects, today announced the unveiling of its latest 5G small cell at the upcoming India Mobile Congress (IMC) event in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

Mavenir’s 5G small cell (E511), is a globally applicable product, with the flexibility to support both distributed and centralized ORAN architectures. Building on an established install base of over 2 million small cell units deployed globally, the 5G small cell forms part of an expanding small cell portfolio, that leverages Mavenir’s end-to-end RAN solution including a common Management System and CU. This flexibility, coupled with zero touch provisioning - ease of deployment, cost-effective, high-capacity solution is ideal for a variety of deployment use cases, including Enterprises such as office, retail, warehousing, manufacturing, and public spaces.

Puneet Sethi, Mavenir’s SVP and GM for the Radio Access Network Business, “By adding the 5G small cell to Mavenir’s product portfolio, we have competed our Multi-G (2G/3G/4G/5G), software upgradable, Open RAN-based small cells offering - enabling CSPs to enhance their network capacity and coverage for in-building use cases. The E511, is currently undergoing lab trials across India, Europe and US.”

A live product demonstration will be showcasing the 5G small cell in a Neutral Private Network configuration over Mavenir’s 5G SA Core at the India Mobile Congress, on the Mavenir Stand No. 4.4 – click here to request a meeting and demo.

About Mavenir:

Mavenir is building the future of networks and pioneering advanced technology, focusing on the vision of a single, software-based automated network that runs on any cloud. As the industry's only end-to-end, cloud-native network software provider, Mavenir is focused on transforming the way the world connects, accelerating software network transformation for 250+ Communications Service Providers and Enterprises in over 120 countries, which serve more than 50% of the world’s subscribers.


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Maryvonne Tubb (US)

Emmanuela Spiteri (EMEA)

'California Condor' Pays Tribute to Departed Bandmates in New Video

  Groundbreaking video for group’s latest track, ‘The Band,’ commemorates memory of departed band members Ken Loosaar and Johannes Kuslap

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Up-and-coming rock band “California Condor” has just released a new music video dedicated to two former bandmates who lost their lives prematurely. Produced to accompany their latest track, “The Band,” the video pays tribute to Ken Loosaar and Johannes Kuslap, who both recently passed away at the ages of 28 and 27 respectively.

According to the statement from California Condor, “When California Condor first started out, Ken and Johannes helped the band find its footing. For this, we’ll never forget them. The new video is our way of paying respect – and bidding farewell – to these two highly talented musicians.”

In Memorium

Originally from the Northern European country of Estonia, California Condor has made a name for itself with its unconventional fusion of various musical genres. The band’s most recent work features several styles, from “post-grunge” and metal to hip-hop.

“The Band,” exemplifies California Condor’s distinctive sound. Driven by a high-energy drumbeat and relentless guitar riffs, the track creates a solid wall of distortion, complemented by haunting synth rhythms.

Fierce vocals and screamo-esque choruses combine to make “The Band” one of the group’s most powerful recordings. According to the statement, the song’s groundbreaking video – which made its debut on September 20 – is dedicated entirely to the memories of Loosaar and Kuslap.

The statement from California Condor about their departed bandmates, “They were the kind of guys who always pushed on with a smile and never complained, Their remarkable characters can’t be described by mere words – that’s why we decided to commemorate them in the new video.”

The Road Ahead

Relative newcomers, California Condor first hit the American rock scene last year. Nevertheless, the Estonian-born band – and its distinctive musical style – has attracted a large and loyal following.

California Condor is currently slated to appear at the prestigious Worldwide Music Expo, which will be held in Lisbon, Portugal from October 19 to 23. The band is reportedly planning to make an extensive tour of Europe next year.

The band members ended their statements as follows: “Live on, Ken Loosaar. Live on, Johannes Kuslap. We know you’ll always be with us... If it wasn’t for you, the band wouldn’t be where it is today.”


Photos/Multimedia Gallery Available:



Timo Tomson - - +37254520789


Cerba Lancet Africa Signs Strategic Partnership With International Clinical Laboratories in Ethiopia

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa & ADDIS-ABABA, Ethiopia - Thursday, 29. September 2022 AETOSWire

The partnership* illustrates Cerba HealthCare’s strategy to support long term health response locally and increase patient access to a broader range of laboratory testing across the continent

International Clinical Laboratories (ICL) will leverage the world-class expertise range of Cerba HealthCare and its existing pan-African network Cerba Lancet Africa to sustainably meet the diagnostic tool expectations of patients, physicians and hospitals nationwide.

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cerba Lancet Africa, a benchmark in the field of medical diagnosis in Africa, today announced it has signed a strategic partnership with International Clinical Laboratories (ICL) Ethiopia, the leading private clinical pathology laboratory in the country serving more than 3 million patients over the past 17 years.

Cerba Lancet Africa is majority owned by the French group Cerba HealthCare, benefiting from a unique positioning on the whole value chain of medical diagnosis: alongside a worldwide presence through its expertise in clinical pathology for clinical trials, the Group has sound positions in Europe and Africa thanks to its historical activities in routine and specialty clinical pathology. Cerba HealthCare set foot on the African continent in 2019 where it operates today in 15 countries under the Cerba Lancet Africa umbrella, providing access to accurate diagnosis and high-quality care to more almost 3 million people yearly.

In Ethiopia, ICL stands as the reference player in clinical pathology with unparalleled experience and reputation. Its strong presence all over the country allowed the ICL’s team to play a critical role in handling the COVID-19 pandemic, which has exposed vulnerabilities of the numerous health systems across the globe and specifically the African one, together with the need for increased testing and diagnostic services.

Cerba Lancet Africa CEO Stéphane Carré commented: “This partnership reflects our desire to develop the existing diagnostic offering in Africa, meeting the needs of the greatest number of people across the continent. We share with ICL management team the same desire to actively and continually upgrade the clinical pathology services in Ethiopia to enable healthcare providers to deliver essential medical support to patients throughout the country. This partnership not only will allow ICL to bolster its unique position in Ethiopia but also serve thousands of patients from surrounding region including Somalia, Djibouti and South Sudan. I am pleased to count on the Cerba Lancet Africa 1,600 employees’ team spirit and professionalism to welcome the talented people of ICL Ethiopia.”

ICL Ethiopia Chief Executive Director Dr Tamrat Bekele added: “Joining the Cerba HealthCare family is one of my greatest achievements in terms of being able to expand our service and continue to provide quality tests to the population of Ethiopia and the surrounding region. It will allow us to tap into the huge resources and expertise of Cerba HealthCare, specifically in field of oncology, genetics, companion diagnostics, preventive medicine, patient and physician education and research to tackle unique and challenging issues. This new foundation will allow us to expand our test menu and offer unique services and tests that will contribute to the growth of the country’s health care system. We are excited about this partnership and look forward to being part of the growing Cerba Lancet Africa network in the continent.”

* Cerba Lancet Africa has acquired Medpharm Holdings Africa which has operations in Ethiopia through its ICL branch


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Press contact:

Cerba HealthCare

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Thursday, September 29, 2022

City of Las Vegas Working with NTT to Deploy Largest Private Network in the US

 Creating Opportunities for Businesses, Government & Educational Institutions

Powered by NTT’s First-of-its-kind Open Wireless Smart Platform

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- NTT Ltd., a leading global IT infrastructure and services company, today announced a Private 5G (P5G) network expansion for the City of Las Vegas (CoLV) at Mobile World Congress 2022 (MWC) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The project involves deploying and provisioning NTT’s P5G to build the most extensive private network in the United States.

The goal is for the network to serve as an open platform available to local businesses, government, and educational institutions for deploying innovative solutions that enrich the lives of citizens and visitors to Las Vegas. NTT is working with partners to more than double the number of network access points (APs) throughout Las Vegas. Unlike most Citizens Broadband Radio Spectrum (CBRS) deployments, which are in-building or industrial, this network extends across public spaces. It’s also the first network of its size to be open to third-party APs and end-user devices. It puts Las Vegas well on the path to becoming a technology hub for citizens and organizations within the city limits.

“The City of Las Vegas network will drive innovation and be a model for cities and businesses worldwide. Once implemented, it will be the largest open, municipal network CBRS deployment in the US,” said Shahid Ahmed, Group EVP of New Ventures and Innovation at NTT Ltd. “With the support of NTT’s bespoke services, local organizations can use their own devices and develop their applications on the network. City-wide, residents and visitors will receive improved connectivity, safety and security, and access to healthcare and other critical services.”

Through its open and intelligent network, NTT can customize network services to fit varying requirements for existing and new applications, whether involving full stack, edge, or smart solutions. Some initial use cases include:

Education: improved remote learning connectivity and applications for Clark County School District students.

Security: intelligent monitoring systems, including motion-sensing cameras, in parks, event venues, traffic-congested areas, and other city locations to assist law enforcement.

Healthcare: better connectivity for residents means access to more services, such as telehealth.

The City of Las Vegas municipality, its stakeholders, and business community will benefit from the capabilities of a P5G network, including ultra-low latency, greater reliability, massive capacity, seamless security, and flexible management. As additional use cases arise, the network will become a framework for revenue generation that can improve the city’s bottom line while supporting network maintenance, expansion, and enhancement. This network model, and the new services and applications launched in CoLV, can be replicated and marketed respectively in cities across the US.

“Our goal is always to make the City of Las Vegas the best possible community for residents and visitors by enhancing education, workforce development, and safety,” said Michael Sherwood, chief innovation officer for City of Las Vegas. “To do this, we needed to expand our wireless capabilities and city-wide connectivity and that is why the City of Las Vegas chose to work with NTT. With their broad range of capabilities, NTT is helping enable the City of Las Vegas to become an important technology hub and strong economic base.”

As the lead in a multi-party, multi-phase project for CoLV, NTT provides its P5G platform which encompasses the LTE/5G network as a service that integrates security, control, and privacy by design and allows enterprises and other customers to flexibly secure, scale, and segment their networks. P5G local area network (LAN) technology provider, Celona, is working with NTT on this project. One of Celona’s contributions is a software-defined operational model that can track key performance indicators for an open ecosystem of market-leading device and app providers. “We are excited about our ongoing collaboration with NTT and the opportunity to deliver unique operational agility and efficiency to the end users on the City of Las Vegas’s expanding P5G network,” said Rajeev Shah, Founder, and CEO of Celona.

Las Vegas began partnering with NTT in 2018 leveraging NTT Smart Solutions to improve safety, situational awareness, traffic congestion and wrong way driving in the city using sensors, IoT, big data, and predictive analytics. In 2020, NTT and CoLV announced the expansion of the Accelerate Smart Project to include Smart Park use cases at several locations, which helped improve public safety and provide a better experience for citizens and visitors. NTT Smart Solutions have turned Las Vegas into a truly Smart City and have contributed to create a safer, more inclusive, and sustainable environment. Deploying applications on an open network on top of P5G is a market first in terms of openness and scale. One of the first benefits for citizens after deployment in the city is the expansion of NTT Smart Solutions into new parks that will continue to provide additional safety and park services.

As a premier Industry City 5G Showcase Sponsor at MWC, NTT is excited to bring to life cutting-edge technologies that reimagine the possibilities of a connected future. To learn more about NTT’s Edge Compute and Private 5G capabilities and the work the company is doing with CoLV, visit their exhibit at Booth # W1 410, September 28-30; or attend the keynote, Viva Tech Vegas, where Shahid Ahmed will be joined by the CIO of CoLV and the CEO of Boingo Wireless to discuss the technology evolution of the city itself. See contact details below.

About NTT Ltd.

NTT Ltd. is a leading IT infrastructure and services company. With revenues of over USD 10 billion, we operate in more than 200 countries and regions, and serve 5,000 clients across multiple industries. Through technology and innovation, we deliver a secure and connected future that empowers our people, clients and communities. We lay the foundation for organizations’ edge-to-cloud networking ecosystem, simplify the complexity of their workloads across multicloud environments, and innovate at the edge of their IT environments, where networks, cloud and applications converge. We offer tailored infrastructure and ensure consistent best practices in design and operations across all of our secure, scalable and customizable data centers. On the journey towards a software-defined future, we support organizations with platform-delivered infrastructure services. As part of the global NTT Corporation, we serve 65% of the Fortune Global 500 and 80% of the Fortune Global 100. We enable a connected future.

Visit us at

Burjeel Holdings Lights Up Burj Khalifa With New Campaign Featuring Shah Rukh Khan

 Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Thursday, 29. September 2022

The superstar is the face of the group that owns 39 hospitals and medical centers in UAE and Oman

A month ahead of his birthday, Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan lit up the world’s tallest building, The Burj Khalifa, on Wednesday evening, in a brand campaign for the UAE-based conglomerate Burjeel Holdings. For the past few years, on Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday, the Burj Khalifa has lit up in honor of the superstar.

Shah Rukh Khan is the face of the group that owns 39 hospitals and medical centers under the Burjeel, Medeor, LLH, Lifecare, and Tajmeel brands in the UAE and Oman.


The campaign, ‘We Are Committed To Your Care’, which is set to appear region-wide on multiple platforms features the Abu Dhabi-headquartered healthcare powerhouse’s homegrown success story. . It is based on the group’s vision of connecting care, scale & community in health.

The video begins with Shah Rukh Khan’s tribute to the UAE’s heroic martyrs at the national and cultural landmark of Wahat Al Karama. The 70-second video also showcases the iconic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the group's flagship facility, Burjeel Medical City.

“Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Wahat Al Karama depict the essence of the UAE and reflect Abu Dhabi’s growth into a global hub. The video draws parallels between the ideals that inspired these landmarks and Burjeel Holdings’ ethos of serving the community,” said Mr. Prashant Issar, Director of the campaign video, who also directed the Dubai Tourism campaign featuring Shah Rukh Khan.


Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil, Chairman of Burjeel Holdings, said, “We are proud to launch the campaign with superstar Shah Rukh Khan that epitomizes the values we cherish. It symbolizes Burjeel Holdings’ ambition to become a global leader in healthcare based out of a country that has inspired the world with its fascinating growth story.”


About Burjeel Holdings

Founded in 2007, Burjeel Holdings is one of the leading private healthcare services providers in the UAE with a growing presence in Oman and the GCC. With a network of 61 assets, including 39 hospitals and medical centers, as well as pharmacies and other allied services, the Group provides the highest standard of patient care in the region.

For more information visit:

M Unnikrishnan

Corporate Communications Officer

Burjeel Holdings


Strengthening Healthcare Systems to Meet Patients’ Need for Plasma-Derived Therapies

 (BUSINESS WIRE)--As part of their well-established partnership, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and Takeda (TSE:4502/NYSE:TAK), a global pharmaceutical leader and an active member of the United Nations Global Compact, are pleased to announce a new joint initiative focused on strengthening countries’ healthcare systems to meet patients’ need for plasma and plasma-derived therapies. The initiative will draw on UNITAR’s expertise in training and education toward the development of innovative solutions to global challenges and Takeda’s deep knowledge of rare disease and the plasma ecosystem.

Global demand for plasma has greatly increased over the past 20 years and is continuing to grow due to increasing numbers of patients with rare diseases being diagnosed, as well as higher standards of care and broader access to treatment globally. This demand for life-changing and life-sustaining plasma-derived therapies far exceeds available supply, resulting in more people around the world struggling to access the treatments they need, especially in low- and middle-income countries.

The overall goal of this initiative is to create a neutral, UN-based platform that will bring together experts, policymakers, patient organizations, academia, civil society and the private sector. Through increasing awareness, building partnerships and facilitating access to the latest scientific knowledge and best practices, this platform aims to support countries in finding their own tailored solutions on how to improve the quality of life and life expectancy of patients who rely on plasma-derived therapies. The project will also focus on complementing and finding synergies with other existing initiatives to improve plasma ecosystems and increase patient access to care.

The importance of plasma-derived therapies is affirmed by their inclusion in the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines1, emphasizing their significance for the healthcare system and the need to facilitate access to these products in all countries. Similarly, an increasing number of countries acknowledges the need for – and interest in – strengthening the resilience of their healthcare systems in the field of plasma supply. Pending official confirmation, the pilot phase of the current initiative will be implemented in collaboration with two countries, whose forward-thinking participation in this program to bolster their countries’ health infrastructure around plasma and the patients plasma-derived therapies can help will serve as a pathfinder for potential expansion of the project in the future.

UNITAR will serve as a coordinator of the project, hosting the platform as a collaborative framework for stakeholders to meet, lead informed discussion and lay the groundwork for future collaboration.

"Availability of life-saving and life-sustaining plasma-derived therapies can be a matter of life or death. As part of our mandate within the United Nations System, we will work hand-in-hand with Takeda to build capacity, increase awareness, enhance partnerships and facilitate access to the latest scientific knowledge and best practices in this field,” said Nikhil Seth, UN Assistant Secretary-General and Executive Director of UNITAR. “I am glad to see the partnership between UNITAR and Takeda growing. It can serve as a powerful example of how public-private partnerships can contribute to the goals of the Agenda 2030, and address some of the urgent global challenges, such as ensuring access to health, reducing inequalities, or improving the quality of technical education.”

As a founding sponsor, Takeda will serve as one of the knowledge partners providing plasma expertise, funding and project support.

“We are thrilled to extend Takeda’s established partnership with UNITAR through this new joint initiative to help address the challenges of global plasma supply and provide more plasma-derived therapies to patients who need them,” said Giles Platford, President of Takeda’s Plasma-Derived Therapies Business Unit. “Innovative partnerships that bring together a broad bench of multi-area stakeholders are crucial in strengthening healthcare infrastructure and policy to enable broader access to treatments for people around the world with rare and complex chronic disease.”


The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) provides innovative learning solutions to individuals, organizations and institutions to enhance global decision-making and support country-level action for shaping a better future. With a strategy fully focused on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, UNITAR supports Governments to implement the 2030 Agenda. Our work is aligned with the 2030 Agenda and is structured around four thematic pillars: Peace, People, Planet, Prosperity, and in addition, the cross-cutting nature of our work on strengthening multilateral diplomacy, promoting the 2030 Agenda, and delivering applied research solutions through technology and data contributes to delivering our products and services in all pillars. Our mission is to develop the individual, institutional and organizational capacities of countries and other United Nations stakeholders through high-quality learning solutions and related knowledge products and services to enhance decision making and to support country-level action for overcoming global challenges. For more information, please visit

About Takeda

Takeda is a global, values-based, R&D-driven biopharmaceutical leader headquartered in Japan, committed to discover and deliver life-transforming treatments, guided by our commitment to patients, our people and the planet. Takeda focuses its R&D efforts on four therapeutic areas: Oncology, Rare Genetics and Hematology, Neuroscience, and Gastroenterology (GI). We also make targeted R&D investments in Plasma-Derived Therapies and Vaccines. We are focusing on developing highly innovative medicines that contribute to making a difference in people’s lives by advancing the frontier of new treatment options and leveraging our enhanced collaborative R&D engine and capabilities to create a robust, modality-diverse pipeline. Our employees are committed to improving quality of life for patients and to working with our partners in health care in approximately 80 countries and regions. For more information, visit

Important Notice

For the purposes of this notice, “release” means this document, any oral presentation, any question and answer session and any written or oral material discussed or distributed by Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (“Takeda”) regarding this release. This release (including any oral briefing and any question-and-answer in connection with it) is not intended to, and does not constitute, represent or form part of any offer, invitation or solicitation of any offer to purchase, otherwise acquire, subscribe for, exchange, sell or otherwise dispose of, any securities or the solicitation of any vote or approval in any jurisdiction. No shares or other securities are being offered to the public by means of this release. No offering of securities shall be made in the United States except pursuant to registration under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or an exemption therefrom. This release is being given (together with any further information which may be provided to the recipient) on the condition that it is for use by the recipient for information purposes only (and not for the evaluation of any investment, acquisition, disposal or any other transaction). Any failure to comply with these restrictions may constitute a violation of applicable securities laws. The companies in which Takeda directly and indirectly owns investments are separate entities. In this release, “Takeda” is sometimes used for convenience where references are made to Takeda and its subsidiaries in general. Likewise, the words “we”, “us” and “our” are also used to refer to subsidiaries in general or to those who work for them. These expressions are also used where no useful purpose is served by identifying the particular company or companies.

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release and any materials distributed in connection with this press release may contain forward-looking statements, beliefs or opinions regarding Takeda’s future business, future position and results of operations, including estimates, forecasts, targets and plans for Takeda. Without limitation, forward-looking statements often include words such as “targets”, “plans”, “believes”, “hopes”, “continues”, “expects”, “aims”, “intends”, “ensures”, “will”, “may”, “should”, “would”, “could” “anticipates”, “estimates”, “projects” or similar expressions or the negative thereof. These forward-looking statements are based on assumptions about many important factors, including the following, which could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements: the economic circumstances surrounding Takeda’s global business, including general economic conditions in Japan and the United States; competitive pressures and developments; changes to applicable laws and regulations, including global health care reforms; challenges inherent in new product development, including uncertainty of clinical success and decisions of regulatory authorities and the timing thereof; uncertainty of commercial success for new and existing products; manufacturing difficulties or delays; fluctuations in interest and currency exchange rates; claims or concerns regarding the safety or efficacy of marketed products or product candidates; the impact of health crises, like the novel coronavirus pandemic, on Takeda and its customers and suppliers, including foreign governments in countries in which Takeda operates, or on other facets of its business; the timing and impact of post-merger integration efforts with acquired companies; the ability to divest assets that are not core to Takeda’s operations and the timing of any such divestment(s); and other factors identified in Takeda’s most recent Annual Report on Form 20-F and Takeda’s other reports filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, available on Takeda’s website at: or at Takeda does not undertake to update any of the forward-looking statements contained in this press release or any other forward-looking statements it may make, except as required by law or stock exchange rule. Past performance is not an indicator of future results and the results or statements of Takeda in this press release may not be indicative of, and are not an estimate, forecast, guarantee or projection of Takeda’s future results.



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Michaela Majcin Dorcikova

+32 499 78 57 69


Emily Schwend

+1 857-523-6968


The LYCRA Company Announces Collaboration With Qore® to Use QIRA® for Next Generation Bio-derived LYCRA® Fiber at Scale

WILMINGTON, Del. - Thursday, 29. September 2022

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- The LYCRA Company, a global leader in developing innovative fiber and technology solutions for the textile and apparel industry, today announced it has entered into an agreement with Qore® to enable the world’s first large-scale commercial production of bio-derived spandex using QIRA®, the next generation 1,4-butanediol (BDO), as one of its main ingredients. This will result in 70% of the LYCRA® fiber content being derived from annually renewable feedstock. This change could potentially reduce the carbon footprint of LYCRA® fiber by up to 44%* versus equivalent product made from fossil-based resources, while maintaining the same high-quality performance parameters of traditional LYCRA® fiber.

QIRA® will be produced at Cargill’s biotechnology campus and corn refining operation in Eddyville, Iowa. The facility, which is currently being built, will commence operations in 2024. The first renewable LYCRA® fiber made with QIRA® will be produced at The LYCRA Company’s Tuas, Singapore manufacturing site in 2024. The LYCRA Company is currently seeking commitments with brand and retail customers who are pursuing bio-derived solutions for their apparel.

“As part of our sustainability goals, we are committed to delivering products that support a more circular economy while helping our apparel and personal care customers reduce their footprint,” said Julien Born, CEO of The LYCRA Company. “We are especially pleased to collaborate with Qore®, a company that shares our vision for innovative, sustainable solutions. Their expertise in operating fermentation processes and understanding of the chemical value chains makes them the ideal partner to help develop a bio-derived LYCRA® fiber at commercial scale.”

“We are proud to partner with The LYCRA Company on bringing this sustainable material solution to the market. This collaboration demonstrates that QIRA® directly replaces conventional BDO and thus significantly improves the fiber’s sustainability profile,” said Jon Veldhouse, CEO of Qore®. “QIRA® is an innovative platform chemical that can be used in various applications across industries.”

The first generation of renewable LYCRA® fiber made with QIRA® will use feedstock from field corn grown by Iowa farmers and will enable a significant reduction in CO2 footprint. In addition to replacing a finite resource with an annually renewable one, another benefit for mills, brands and retailers is that there is no change in fiber performance, eliminating the need for any re-engineering of fabrics, patterns, or processes. Equivalent performance was demonstrated in 2014 when the world’s first bio-derived spandex was launched under the LYCRA® brand. The LYCRA Company has since been granted a patent for the process used to make renewable elastane from bio-derived BDO.

For additional information on renewable LYCRA® fiber, The LYCRA Company and Qore® invite interested parties to contact The LYCRA Company sales representatives.

*Estimate from Cradle-to-Gate Screening LCA for a representative LYCRA® fiber manufacturing facility, June 2022, prepared by Ramboll US Consulting, Inc.

About The LYCRA Company

The LYCRA Company innovates and produces fiber and technology solutions for the apparel and personal care industries. Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, The LYCRA Company is recognized worldwide for its innovative products, technical expertise, sustainable solutions, and unmatched marketing support. The LYCRA Company owns leading consumer and trade brands: LYCRA®, LYCRA HyFit®, LYCRA® T400®, COOLMAX®, THERMOLITE®, ELASPAN®, SUPPLEX®, and TACTEL®. The LYCRA Company’s legacy stretches back to 1958 with the invention of the original spandex yarn, LYCRA® fiber. Today, The LYCRA Company focuses on adding value to its customers’ products by developing unique innovations designed to meet the consumer’s need for comfort and lasting performance. For more information, visit

LYCRA® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company.

About Qore® LLC

Formed through a joint venture by Cargill and HELM, Qore® will help leading brands replace fossil-based chemistries with bio-derived intermediates. At the heart of the joint venture is the production of QIRA®, the next-generation bio-derived 1,4-butanediol (BDO). Made biologically through the fermentation of plant-based sugars, QIRA® can save up to 93% of greenhouse gas emissions when replacing today’s widely used chemical intermediates made from traditional fossil sources. Bio-derived QIRA® can be used the same way as its fossil counterpart but with significantly better environmental performance.

For more information, visit

Qore® and QIRA® are trademarks of Qore® LLC.

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Karie J. Ford

NTT Unveils Sustainability as a Service to Help Organizations Achieve Net-Zero Goals

 LONDON & LAS VEGAS - Thursday, 29. September 2022

The company introduces the industry’s first full-stack Net-Zero Action architecture, which includes NTT’s Private 5G, Edge Compute and IoT solutions

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- NTT Ltd., a leading global IT infrastructure and services company, today announced its full-stack Net-Zero Action offering at Mobile World Congress 2022 (MWC) in Las Vegas, Nevada. This climate-focused solution leverages NTT’s vast infrastructure and services capabilities to help clients reduce the environmental impact of business activities. Climate initiatives are top of mind as organizations work to increase sustainability initiatives that will help them achieve net-zero goals and make data-driven decisions to reduce their carbon footprint. This innovative offering will help customers achieve better economic performance through enhanced climate action including measuring, monitoring, and reporting impact, proactively working to limit climate incidents, and improving response times when detecting issues.

“We are very excited to launch the industry’s first full-stack Sustainability as a Service offering at a time when industries are looking for effective ways to make good on their commitments to achieving net-zero goals,” said Devin Yaung, Group Senior Vice President of Enterprise IoT Products and Services at NTT Ltd. “Today’s news reinforces NTT’s commitment to helping organizations proactively limit climate incidents, respond in real-time with automated resolutions, and accurately measure their environmental impact in communications with regulators, employees and other stakeholders.”

Organizations are increasingly being held accountable for achieving net-zero goals to meet the expectations of their stakeholders, including clients, shareholders, institutional investors, employees, business partners, and communities. In a recent survey, 58% of Fortune 500 companies aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve net-zero goals by 2050 or sooner. Those that commit to these goals are often faced with the additional challenges of being under-resourced and underfunded or are unable to consistently capture accurate data fit for purpose. Additionally, McKinsey has estimated that it will take $9.2 trillion of aggregated annual capital expense to achieve 2050 goals.

In response to this challenge, NTT has announced the industry’s first full-stack Sustainability as a Service architecture combining extensible technologies leveraging NTT’s solution building blocks including IoT, Private 5G, Edge Compute, NTT Smart Solutions Platform, Digital Twins and Machine Learning products. The full-stack offering along with its consulting service is designed to be customized depending on net-zero goals, the organization and the supply chain’s carbon-producing footprint. It will help organizations build a comprehensive picture of the status of climate goals by streamlining the monitoring, measurement, and reporting of emissions. It will also speed up incident response times to get to the root cause of an issue. All of this is applicable to industries such as manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and healthcare providers.

The full-stack sustainability offering includes:

Remote Environmental Monitoring: Using NTT’s IoT for sustainability solution, this technology uses sensors to identify the presence of pollutants in the air, water, and plants across the globe, in real-time. In manufacturing, this can assist with measuring processes and products that consume energy. In the transportation industry, this can monitor greenhouse gas emissions more effectively for fleet management.

Digital Twin and Smart Solution: This solution uses a combination of NTT Smart Solutions and Digital Twin capabilities which act as the “brain” of the system. This will help organizations to predict issues with the built-in Machine Learning technology, respond to incidents faster with context from Digital Twin and measure the carbon footprint at a granular, actionable level, in real-time.

Automation and Orchestration: Leveraging the existing A&O, the Digital Twin automates problem resolution where possible or creates a ticket for support personnel to investigate and address the issue and thus limit greenhouse impact.

“As a global leader in tire and rubber manufacturing, we believe that growth, innovation and sustainability go hand in hand,” said Nizar Trigui, chief technology officer and group president, Bridgestone America. “Having real-time visibility into carbon footprint and progress towards net-zero ambitions is an essential foundation of our growth and innovation agenda.”

As a premier Industry City 5G Showcase Sponsor at MWC, NTT is excited to bring to life cutting-edge technologies that reimagine the possibilities of a connected future. To learn more about NTT’s Edge Compute, Private 5G and IoT capabilities, visit their exhibit at Booth # W1 410, September 28-30; or attend the panel, Green Networks: Countdown to Zero, where Devin Yaung will discuss how organizations are transforming processes, using sustainable data centers, virtualization, AI, intelligent optimization and cloud to enable green networks. See contact details below.

About NTT Ltd.

NTT Ltd. is a leading IT infrastructure and services company. With revenues of over USD 10 billion, we operate in more than 200 countries and regions, and serve 5,000 clients across multiple industries. Through technology and innovation, we deliver a secure and connected future that empowers our people, clients and communities. We lay the foundation for organizations’ edge-to-cloud networking ecosystem, simplify the complexity of their workloads across multicloud environments, and innovate at the edge of their IT environments, where networks, cloud and applications converge. We offer tailored infrastructure and ensure consistent best practices in design and operations across all of our secure, scalable and customizable data centers. On the journey towards a software-defined future, we support organizations with platform-delivered infrastructure services. As part of the global NTT Corporation, we serve 65% of the Fortune Global 500 and 80% of the Fortune Global 100. We enable a connected future.

Visit us at


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Lori Bosio

External Communications, NTT Ltd.

Wireside Communications for NTT Ltd.

Quectel Announces New SC680A LTE Smart Module to Drive Digital Transformation and Machine Vision AI Applications

 LAS VEGAS - Thursday, 29. September 2022

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Quectel Wireless Solutions, a global IoT solutions provider, today announces that it has released its new SC680A smart module which features broad connectivity options including LTE Cat 6, Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 5.0 with powerful system performance and rich multimedia functions. The SC680A smart module is targeted towards mid-tier IoT devices including POS and payment terminals, industrial handhelds for logistics and warehousing, in-vehicle infotainment and dashcam solutions as well as micro-mobility applications and small electric cars.

“We are excited to introduce another highly integrated smart module which gives global customers more flexibility in their IoT device designs,” said Norbert Muhrer, President and CSO of Quectel. “It enables a variety of industrial and consumer IoT verticals with high data rate and powerful camera features. The SC680A also has a long lifecycle through to 2028 so that it can satisfy the need for extended hardware availability and help the IoT sector create future-proof IoT solutions.”

Utilizing the Qualcomm QCM4290 platform, Quectel’s SC680A module adopts a customized 64-bit ARM v8.0 compliant octa-core Kryo 260 application processor for increased speed and robust on-device performance.

The SC680A module supports multimode LTE Cat 6 cellular networks with short-range wireless communication technologies such as Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11ac and upgradability to Wi-Fi 6. The L1+L5 dual-band multi-constellation and high-precision GNSS (GPS/ GLONASS/ BDS/ Galileo/ NavIC/ QZSS) receiver is also embedded for optimized positioning services.

The Quectel SC680A contains an embedded Android 12 operating system which allows for future iterative upgrades to Android 13 or 14 and are suitable for Google GMS certification. Equipped with a powerful Adreno 610 GPU, the module supports a maximum of four cameras and up to 25 MP dual cameras to work simultaneously.

In order to meet the different needs of various regions around the world, the SC680A family offers multiple variants:

The SC680A-NA for North America. Samples of the SC680A-NA module will be available in late October 2022.

The SC680A-WF (Wi-Fi & Bluetooth only) for global markets will be available in late October 2022.

The SC680A-EM for EMEA, Korea, South Asia, India, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa with sample availability expected at the end of September 2022.

Another variant SC680A-JP is under planning for the Japanese market.

Designed with pin-to-pin compatibility with Quectel’s previous generation smart modules such as the SC600Y/ SC600T/ SC606T/SC686A series, the SC680A series can help IoT developers upgrade their smart terminals easily and accelerate the time-to-market of their devices.

Quectel is uniquely positioned to help build a smarter world with broad portfolio of IoT solutions and one-stop services. In addition to smart modules spanning across every market segment from entry level to premium tier, Quectel also offers a comprehensive range of high-performance antennas. In particular, Quectel’s range of Combo antennas, which integrate multiple technologies such as 4G, Wi-Fi and GNSS, offer a highly flexible and reliable antenna solution for outdoor applications.

The SC680A module will be on display at MWC Las Vegas on Booth No W1.520, September 28-30 2022 with general availability during October.

About Quectel

Quectel’s passion for a smarter world drives us to accelerate IoT innovation. A highly customer-centric organization, we are a global IoT solutions provider backed by outstanding support and services. Our growing global team of over 4,000 professionals sets the pace for innovation in cellular, GNSS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® modules, antennas and IoT connectivity. With regional offices and support across the globe, our international leadership is devoted to advancing IoT and helping build a smarter world.

For more information:, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


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Ashley Liu,


HSBC and Nova Credit Launch Partnership to Offer Customers Borderless International Credit Checking

 NEW YORK - Thursday, 29. September 2022

Following a successful deployment in Singapore, HSBC Ventures invests in Nova Credit to further accelerate the roll-out of Credit Passport® worldwide

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nova Credit, the world’s leading consumer-permissioned credit bureau, today announced that it has partnered with HSBC to provide the bank with global access to its cross-border credit data product, Credit Passport®, creating more opportunities for credit access to cross-border customers across the globe. This partnership will allow HSBC to access the translated credit history of new-to-country consumers as part of their credit applications, upon their permission. This innovative solution will enable the bank to make more real-time application approvals responsibly and at a greater scale. The first deployment, with HSBC Singapore, launched in May.

To underscore its support in Nova Credit and accelerate its global expansion, HSBC Ventures has made an investment of $10 million in the company.

Global Deployment Starts with Singapore

Historically, credit history has stopped at the border, preventing many financial services companies and lenders from being able to serve customers who have proven creditworthiness in their home country, but arrive credit invisible. Credit Passport® seamlessly and securely integrates into a financial institution’s credit application process, enabling applicants’ global credit records and score to be instantly accessed in just a few clicks.

HSBC Singapore is the first HSBC entity to launch the capability as part of the bank’s global rollout, also making it the first organization ever to implement Credit Passport® outside of the U.S., enabling it to instantly access the translated credit history of new-to-country consumers moving to Singapore, facilitating quicker access to credit for them.

Nova Credit and HSBC Singapore will initially use Credit Passport® to support the thousands of new to Singapore customers with credit history in India. The bank intends to expand the coverage of the solution to include customers with a credit history in Australia, the United Kingdom and the Philippines in 2022, and to more country bureaus in 2023, making it available to even more Singapore newcomers.

“Opening up a world of opportunity, sits at the core of HSBC’s purpose, and we’re always passionate about identifying new ways to solve problems faced by our International customers” said Taylan Turan, Group Head of Retail Banking and Strategy, Wealth and Personal Banking at HSBC. “Accessing credit in a new market can be a challenge and is something we’ve been helping customers with for years. We’re excited to be partnering with Nova Credit, to improve our ability to do this even more, with its innovative digital Credit Passport. We’re proud to be the first organisation to offer this to customers in Singapore.”

Additional Investment to Support Company’s Global Scale

As a testament to their belief in Nova Credit’s vision to stitch together the world’s financial system, HSBC Ventures has invested $10 million in the company. This investment will enable Nova Credit to support HSBC as they accelerate the deployment of Credit Passport® around the globe.

HSBC Ventures joins the likes of leading investors, including Kleiner Perkins, Canapi Ventures, General Catalyst and Index Ventures, and executives from Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and Citi.

Since launching in the U.S. in 2016, Nova Credit has built relationships with credit bureaus in over 20 countries to gain consumer-permissioned access to over a billion credit profiles, and developed partnerships with big-name lenders such as American Express and Verizon.

“Nova Credit and its Credit Passport® product are at the forefront of financial innovation and we are delighted to bring this solution to our large international customer base,” said Catherine Zhou, Global Head of Ventures, Digital Innovation and Partnerships at HSBC. “Seeing the company’s success in reaching migrant communities over the past six years in the U.S., it is clear that Credit Passport® should be shared with a wider audience. This is the first step in an exciting journey, and we look forward to working with Nova Credit to bring scale to the business and its work towards financial inclusion.”

“Despite considerable globalization, our financial world remains far from borderless. This historic partnership with HSBC will bring the Credit Passport® to new parts of the world, unlocking new frontiers in the flow of financial information,” said Misha Esipov, co-founder and CEO of Nova Credit. “This partnership ensures that more people who cross borders can take their data with them, in a secure and compliant manner, and ultimately arrive and thrive in their new home.”

“This partnership and funding is the first step toward achieving a core goal of delivering the Credit Passport® globally: ensuring your financial identity is your own, no matter where you’re from or where you choose to live,” said Collin Galster, VP of International at Nova Credit. “We are honored to take this historic step in partnership with HSBC.”

To learn more about Credit Passport®, visit:

About Nova Credit

Nova Credit is a consumer-permissioned credit bureau with two products that help businesses make more fair and informed decisions on credit applicants. The Credit Passport® unlocks cross-border credit bureau data to help businesses underwrite new-to-country newcomer populations. The Cash Atlas™ provides greater insight into the cash flows of any applicant, including verifying their income with greater precision than alternatives. Businesses use these products to approve more applicants without taking on more risk, and consumers are empowered to put their best foot forward in their applications. The company’s differentiated data sources and proprietary analytics are used by leading organizations like American Express, Verizon, HSBC, SoFi, and Yardi. Nova Credit is backed by investors including Kleiner Perkins, General Catalyst, Index Ventures, and Canapi as well as executives from Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and Citi. Learn more at

About HSBC Holdings plc

HSBC Holdings plc, the parent company of HSBC, is headquartered in London. HSBC serves customer worldwide from offices in 63 countries and territories in its geographical regions: Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, and Middle East and North Africa. With assets of US$2,985bn at 30 June 2022, HSBC is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations.


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Rachel Levy

V2 Communications on behalf of Nova Credit


The Most Accurate Flight Emissions Data Is Now Available via Cirium Sky


Cirium’s CO2 emissions calculations, commended by American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic for accuracy, are now available in Cirium Sky

The Cirium Sky, aviation data warehouse, provides secure cloud access to Cirium’s comprehensive datasets

Cirium Sky democratizes data and unifies it in one place enabling it to drive operational efficiencies and faster decision making

(BUSINESS WIRE)--The air travel industry now has easy access to the most accurate carbon emissions data from the aviation analytics firm, Cirium, through its new aviation data warehouse, Cirium Sky.

Jeremy Bowen, CEO at Cirium said: “We developed Cirium Sky to offer a single-source solution to the market, where businesses can access Cirium’s extensive data warehouse in the cloud, at any time or place.

The level of precision and accuracy of Cirium’s CO2 emissions calculations for flights far exceeds estimates available today and accessing this data via Cirium Sky enables our clients to fulfill their sustainability objectives faster and more cost effectively.”

As the aviation industry rebuilds from the impact of the pandemic, the need for businesses to report on their Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) footprint has increasingly taken center stage.

Reducing aviation’s emissions will require for airlines, airports, Air Service Navigation Providers (ANSPs), aircraft financiers and manufacturers, and travel companies to use accurate data which considers many variables that can impact a flight’s emissions, including but not limited to, aircraft and engine specifications, airline schedules and actual flight operations.

Andrew O’Connor, VP of Journey and Sustainability at Cirium said: “We have seen a lack of consistency in the flight emissions reporting so far, which has driven less consensus on agreed metrics to be used to measure emissions effectively.

The Cirium team is on a mission to establish the standard for accurate carbon emissions data and are focused on historical and predicted fuel burn and emissions per aircraft, the flight and the cabin seat class. These building blocks are core to almost all aviation sustainability use cases.”

Cirium Sky leverages the latest technology to democratize data and unify it in one place to enable businesses to identify operational inefficiencies, lower costs, reduce financial risks, and identify new service opportunities.

With the availability of comprehensive historical and predicted aircraft fuel burn and CO2 emissions data, Cirium Sky offers the most complete and deepest range of aviation datasets in the industry, including global schedules and connections, flight status, air traffic management, weather, global aircraft fleet, and fares and passenger traffic.

The accuracy of Cirium’s data and analytics is supported by strong data partnerships with over 900 airlines, airports worldwide, ADS-B satellite tracking, Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and more.

Find out more about Cirium Sky.

About Cirium

Cirium brings together powerful data and analytics to keep the world moving. Delivering insight, built from decades of experience in the sector, enabling travel companies, aircraft manufacturers, airports, airlines and financial institutions, among others, to make logical and informed decisions which shape the future of travel, growing revenues and enhancing customer experiences. Cirium is part of RELX, a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers. The shares of RELX PLC are traded on the London, Amsterdam and New York Stock Exchanges using the following ticker symbols: London: REL; Amsterdam: REN; New York: RELX.

For further information please follow Cirium updates on LinkedIn or Twitter or visit


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For media enquiries:

Cirium media team:

US: Mike Arnot at

EMEA: The PC Agency at

Versace Chooses Board to Transform Retail Planning

 LONDON - Thursday, 29. September 2022 AETOSWire 

Board helps luxury fashion house optimize Allocation, Replenishment, and Item Planning processes

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Board, the leading global provider of Intelligent Planning Solutions which help organizations plan smarter — enabling actionable insights and better outcomes, today announced that Versace, the Italian fashion house that symbolizes luxury worldwide, has chosen Board to transform its Retail Planning.

The Versace Group distributes its products through a direct network of over 200 owned boutiques and 1,500 distributors worldwide, with a turnover of more than one billion euros.

Due to evolving challenges of global sourcing and the change in consumer purchasing habits, Versace recently revamped its retail strategy by opening new stores, strengthening their multi-channel approach and increasing investments in the efficiency of crucial business planning processes.

"Board’s Intelligent Planning platform, provides the flexible and easy to use solutions necessary to support the innovation and growth of our brand,” said Francesco Loporcaro, IT Manager at Versace “Our selection of Board was influenced by sector expertise and qualified by the main consulting companies, demonstrating the reliability of Board’s technology. All of this together proved Board’s ability to support the ambitious evolution of our planning process."

Versace turned to Board who already worked together, to transform the global Item Planning process, calculating target stock levels against initial allocations. The consequent replenishment process has been made even more sophisticated by more accurate forecasting, taking into account the rate of returns - a crucial figure for the sector - and transfers between stores, with the ultimate goal of improving and optimizing stock positions across the entire distribution chain. Board automated the decision process through algorithm-based planning proposals, guaranteeing scalability and security at every stage through an Intelligent Planning solution.

“We are thrilled that a brand as important to the luxury retail landscape as Versace has selected Board. Omnichannel strategy combined with changing customer needs and supply chain challenges requires a continuous evolution and innovation of planning processes in response to evolving challenges in the retail market,” said Marco Limena, CEO of Board.

About Versace

Versace is immediately recognized the world over for its synthesis of culture and Italian luxury into fashion. The brand’s deep reverence of classical arts and myth, as represented by brand signifiers like the Medusa head and Greca motif, meets contemporary self-confidence through a signature use of prints and empowering designs. Versace is a lifestyle encompassing ready-to-wear, bags and accessories, jewelry, eyewear, fragrances, watches, Atelier Versace haute couture, and home furnishings.

About Board

Board’s Intelligent Planning Platform delivers solutions that help over 2,000 organizations worldwide plan smarter — enabling actionable insights and better outcomes. Board helps leading enterprises discover crucial insights which drive business decisions and unify strategy, finance and operations through more integrated and intelligent planning to achieve full control of performance. Partnering with Board, global enterprises such as H&M, BASF, Burberry, Toyota, Coca-Cola, KPMG, and HSBC have digitally transformed their planning processes.

Founded in 1994, and now with 25 offices worldwide, Board International is recognized by leading analysts including BARC, Gartner, and IDC.


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Dan Chappell, VP Global Communications

BYD Announces Pre-sale Prices of European Passenger Car Range

 • BYD comes to Europe with a range of electric cars

• Expressive C-segment SUV BYD ATTO 3 pre-sale price is € 38,000

• The pre-sale prices of the BYD HAN and TANG are € 72,000

These pre-sale prices are a reference from Germany and may differ in other European markets

• Final market pricing and vehicle specifications will be announced at the Paris Motor Show in October 2022

• Watch here the BYD Europe Product Premiere:

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- BYD announces the pre-sale prices of its new European passenger car range. The world’s leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles and power batteries immediately introduces three full-electric passenger vehicles which will be delivered to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. Before the end of the year customers in France and the United Kingdom will also have access to BYD’s zero-emission vehicles. After that, more dealers will be appointed supporting BYD’s plans to cover all major markets in Europe.

The pre-sale price for the BYD ATTO 3 is € 38,000. The BYD HAN and TANG pre-sale prices are € 72,000. These pre-sale prices apply to Germany as a reference for Europe and may differ from country to country. The three full-electric BYD vehicles are technologically advanced and well-suited to the expectations and needs of European customers. The BYD HAN, BYD TANG and BYD ATTO 3 will be exhibited at this year’s Paris Motor Show in October 2022.

For BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu, who founded the company in 1995, the BYD European passenger market launch is one of the most important milestones to date. “Europe is the birthplace of the auto-industry and has a strong spirit of innovation. Europeans are making a concerted effort to accelerate the transformation of automobile electrification, with Europe representing the main driving market for the advancement of new energy vehicles. As such, we are pleased that BYD can now grow electric car adoption simultaneously with the local markets. We look forward to working together with respected European dealers and industry partners to create high-end quality products with green technology, and bring diversified choices and experiences to more consumers.’’

Designed with European Customers in Mind

While advanced technology underpins every BYD vehicle, attention to detail and cultural references are pivotal to BYD’s design ethos. BYD design merges thousands of years of Chinese culture with modern European culture using the expressive Chinese dragon face for aesthetic inspiration for its passenger car range. This distinctive design language combines with stylish features and innovative technology to meet modern lifestyle expectations.

BYD will start the European launch with three full electric vehicles. The spacious BYD ATTO 3 is designed with the European customer in mind and is the first SUV built on BYD’s advanced e-Platform 3.0. This C-segment SUV shows BYD EV innovation (standard heat-pump) combining aesthetics, intelligence, and efficiency with an array of safety features including the Blade Battery. The interior is a truly digital, connected experience. BYD Global Designer Wolfgang Egger and his team created an expressive and fun design, with a touch of novelty. BYD ATTO 3 is, with its distinctive silhouette and alloy wheels, a real eye-catcher in its category. It is a versatile and appealing choice for many European consumers. BYD ATTO 3 has a 60.48 kWh battery and offers a reassuring 420 kilometre range (WLTP).

BYD HAN is striking in appearance from every angle. The sleek and sporty sedan embodies style and premium finish inside and out, while offering an exhilarating driving performance and superb responsiveness. The BYD HAN has two electric motors, generating a true all-wheel-drive system for safety and handling. The combined power of the dual motor system delivers an impressive 380 kW or 516 horsepower with a 0-100km/h sprint time of just 3.9 seconds. The BYD HAN offers a high-tech, premium experience benefiting from some of the EV industry’s most advanced technologies, including the revolutionary Blade Battery.

Another product delivering a premium experience, yet this time with 7 seats, is BYD TANG. This large all-wheel drive vehicle has made an impressive entry into the competitive electric SUV market segment since its launch in BYD’s pilot-market in Norway last year. The zero-emission 7-seater combines exciting performance with comfort, space, efficiency and safety. The BYD TANG delivers an all-round premium experience, complete with high specification as standard. Also the BYD TANG is equipped with the ultra-safe, state-of-the-art Blade Battery, designed for optimal safety, performance, durability and efficiency. Acceleration is exciting too, from 0-100km/hr in just 4.6 seconds.

“The BYD design is expressive and emotional, as well as clean and relevant,” says BYD Global Designer Wolfgang Egger. “Designing BYD HAN and BYD TANG we were inspired by the dragon face, a strong character in Chinese culture, and with BYD HAN, with the beauty of a European sports car. Furthermore, we strived to create a clean, 3D like, feeling with a classic edge. For the design of BYD ATTO 3 we wanted to create a very fresh, spacious and youthful feeling to attract young people and families. Once again with BYD ATTO 3 we were inspired by the Chinese dragon, which we call the Dragon Face Design language. Its distinctive moustache, the skin and the dragon eyes are all elements that are portrayed in BYD ATTO 3. Our inspiration for some of the interior elements we found in the gym and in music. For instance, the door handles, the armrests and fenders were inspired by barbells and different gym equipment. In the door panels we constructed strings and when you touch these they also sound like a guitar. Rather amusing, they also have a practical function for storage”.

BYD Expertise in Power Batteries and Pioneering Core Technology

It is BYD’s world-leading innovation in technology that is integral to BYD’s electric passenger vehicles. Over the past decades, BYD has focused on mastering advanced technologies spanning cobalt free BYD Iron-Phosphate batteries, electric motors, electronic control systems and automotive-grade chips.

Emerging from this considerable research and development is the ground-breaking Blade Battery which is revolutionizing safety, durability and performance in the EV industry. This works in close synergy with BYD’s competency in electric powertrain technology (BYD has developed an ultra-intelligent next-generation e-Platform 3.0) for the ultimate in system efficiency and integrated vehicle intelligence. Combined, this integrated technology has been developed to deliver optimum performance and a better driving experience. Notably, BYD owns the vertical supply chain of EVs for seamless integration and manufacturing control, including the production of semiconductors.

BYD Offers 8-year Power Battery Warranty

Michael Shu, General Manager and Managing Director, BYD Europe and International Cooperation Division, says: “Technological innovation needs to be safe, reliable, comfortable, and accessible. This is what we are striving for. European customers have high demands on their mobility solutions and in view of this, we have prepared our market launch with care. BYD comes to Europe with a full range of new electric cars, that lives up to the high expectations of our customers. We introduce vehicles that are reliable, practical, and comfortable with premium equipment as a standard feature. Such is our confidence in our technology and quality of our vehicles, our cars come with an 8-year power battery warranty.”

Accordingly, Michael Shu looks forward to sharing the benefits of BYD electric cars with other European countries. “We have high respect for the European auto industry and its ecosystem, including design, R&D, manufacturing, sales, aftersales network, and services. Our strategy is to work with established and respected local dealers who share our vision, to provide high-levels of customer service.”

HD Photos:

BYD Product Highlights





Dimension (L/W/H)




Drive type




Top speed (km/h)




Motor power (kW)




0-100km/h acceleration time (s)




Wheel size (inch)




Electric range (km)

420 (WLTP combined)

400 (WLTP combined)

521(WLTP combined)

Trunk volume (L)




Seating capacity (occupants)




Battery type

BYD Blade Battery (LFP)

BYD Blade Battery (LFP)

BYD Blade Battery (LFP)

Rated capacity (kWh)




DC charging time (30-80%, min)




Panoramic sunroof




• Detailed specifications will be announced close to the official introduction at the Paris Motor Show.

About BYD

BYD is a multinational high-tech company devoted to leveraging technological innovations for a better life. Founded in 1995 as a rechargeable battery maker, BYD now boasts a diverse business scope covering automobiles, rail transit, new energy, and electronics, with over 30 industrial parks in China, the United States, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Hungary, and India. From energy generation and storage to its applications, BYD is dedicated to providing zero-emission energy solutions that reduce global reliance on fossil fuels. Its new energy vehicle footprint now covers 6 continents, over 70 countries and regions, and more than 400 cities. Listed in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, the company is known to be a Fortune Global 500 enterprise that furnishes innovations in pursuit of a greener world.

BYD Europe is headquartered in the Netherlands and is the first overseas branch of BYD Group, with a commitment to evolving the international brand BYD Auto to deliver safe and efficient sustainable solutions in new energy vehicles through world-leading technological innovations.

For more information, please visit

About BYD Auto

Founded in 2003, BYD Auto is the automotive subsidiary of BYD, a multinational high-tech company devoted to leveraging technological innovations for a better life. Aiming to accelerate the green transition of the global transportation sector, BYD Auto focuses on developing pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The company has mastered the core technologies of the entire industrial chain of new energy vehicles, such as batteries, electric motors, electronic controllers, and automotive-grade semiconductors. It has witnessed in recent years significant technological advancements, including the Blade Battery, the DM-i and DM-p hybrid technology, the e-Platform 3.0, and the CTB technology. The company is the world’s first carmaker to stop the production of fossil-fueled vehicles on EV shift and has remained top of new energy passenger vehicle sales in China for 9 years in a row.


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Europe: Penny Peng, tel: +31-102070888