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NielsenIQ at Saudi Food Show: How Saudi Arabian Shoppers Successfully Navigate a Sea of Change

  (BUSINESS WIRE)--The aftershocks of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant shifts in the Saudi Arabian retail space, as well as food inflation, have generated a pullback on promotions, coupled with price increases. This has created a challenging environment for Saudi Arabian shoppers who have adapted quickly by shifting towards convenience and essential products.

This was the view of Andrey Dvoychenkov, NielsenIQ Middle East General Manager, as an introduction to the very first Saudi Food Show held in Riyadh and attended by a host of local and international retail professionals. His NielsenIQ presentation entitled Navigating Disruption During Times of Change provided the latest insights into the Saudi Arabian Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector.

Dvoychenkov said; “The Saudi market has recently been driven by price increases, with some prices raised by 10 to 15% during the year, which is mostly due to the rising cost of raw materials.” Dvoychenkov also highlighted the uniqueness of the Saudi Arabian market “where the majority of products and raw materials are imported, making it essential for industry players to navigate supply chain disruptions and consider local substitutes to create more stability.”

Dvoychenkov reported that as a result consumers in Saudi Arabia are scaling back on spending and optimising their budgets due to various lifestyle changes. These changes include cooking at home more often, minimizing waste and spending less on clothing and grooming.

An interesting dynamic is that despite their intention to curtail spending, Saudi shoppers seem to care deeply about quality. The premium product segment is growing ahead of the economy segment for local and international brands in food, with 65% of Saudi shoppers saying they are willing to pay more for quality products.

In terms of their response to the current challenging conditions they face, tactics that consumers are employing include weighing up the attributes that matter most, shopping online to get the best deals, and stopping buying certain categories of products. Interestingly, despite these changes and turbulent times, consumers in Saudi Arabia have the lowest percentage globally in perceiving themselves to be in a recession.

Dvoychenkov indicated that Saudi shoppers primarily spend their shopping time in hypermarkets and supermarkets, but there is a noticeable trend of faster growth in smaller format stores, such as grocery and convenience stores. The price increase in groceries is also significantly lower in these smaller format stores compared to traditional supermarkets.

The essence of "essentials" for modern shoppers

When it comes to choice and product selection, 77% of Saudi shoppers feel that food prices have increased and are only willing to buy essentials. Regarding the definition of "essentials" for modern shoppers, Dvoychenkov emphasized the need to be careful in how this term is perceived. To today's shoppers, essential products include staple items like bread with health benefits, like gluten-free flour that offer intrinsic benefits.

In addition, the NielsenIQ analysis highlighted the growing importance of health and wellness in consumers' minds, with many shoppers in Saudi Arabia willing to pay more for products containing healthy supplements, supporting the immune system, and made with natural ingredients.

The soaring rise of e-commerce and convenience formats

The presentation also revealed a significant 45% growth in online sales (Q1, 2023 vs. a year ago), with e-commerce playing an increasingly important role in the region. Dvoychenkov explained, “e-commerce growth is driven not only by convenience but also by an appetite for discounts. Online platforms offer a wide range of products, including ready-to-eat meals and foods catering to diverse consumer preferences.”

He added, “Convenience formats are also on the rise, with retailers like Viva, Gala, and Tamimi Express actively driving the expansion of these formats, offering everyday low prices and tailored assortments to meet consumers' convenience-seeking needs.”

The retailers' and manufacturers' challenge

With the changing market dynamics, retailers and manufacturers need to adapt their strategies to meet evolving consumer demands. For Saleem Iftikhar*, Country Leader for NielsenIQ in Saudi Arabia: “Price matching, direct price-cutting campaigns, and loyalty-building initiatives are some of the propositions retailers are adopting to cater to price-conscious consumers while providing a pleasant shopping experience.”

The NielsenIQ study finally emphasizes the importance of offering a well-organized store with a pleasant ambience, as well as excellent customer service. “Consumers are increasingly seeking price and promotion-related saving strategies, and although promo efficiency has seen a slight decline, our analysis highlights the need for retailers to engage customers through various components, including price and entertainment,” concludes Dvoychenkov.

* Saleem Iftikhar led a panel discussion with Chris Abboud, PepsiCo, and Shehim Mohammed, Lulu Group, on the first day of Saudi Food Summit - “Mitigating uncertainty, volatility and cost hikes in Food & Beverage industry.”

About NIQ

NIQ is the world’s leading consumer intelligence company, delivering the most complete understanding of consumer buying behaviour and revealing new pathways to growth. In 2023, NIQ combined with GfK, bringing together the two industry leaders with unparalleled global reach. With a holistic retail read and the most comprehensive consumer insights – delivered with advanced analytics through state-of-the-art platforms – NIQ delivers the Full View (TM).

NIQ is an Advent International portfolio company, with operations in 100+ markets, covering more than 90% of the world’s population. For more information, visit




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Brightcove to Power Yahoo Inc.’s Worldwide Streaming Capabilities

 One of the world’s largest media and tech companies turns to the streaming tech industry leader to strengthen its video operations, accelerate growth and deliver cost efficiencies

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Brightcove (NASDAQ: BCOV), the world’s most trusted streaming technology company, today announced an agreement where global media and tech giant Yahoo will leverage and broadly integrate Brightcove’s award-winning streaming technology platform across its portfolio of digital properties. As the exclusive streaming technology provider for Yahoo, Brightcove will power its video streaming from end to end, supporting its massive and growing consumer demand. Chosen for Brightcove’s ability to deliver globally at scale with the highest quality and security, Brightcove technology will ensure reliable, streamlined, and cost-efficient streaming operations for Yahoo.

“As a trusted brand delivering massive amounts of video content to consumers globally, we are thrilled to welcome Yahoo to the Brightcove family,” shared Marc DeBevoise, CEO and Board Director of Brightcove. “This partnership reinforces our work to achieve our vision of being the world’s most trusted streaming technology company.”

Yahoo and its entities encompass a wide-ranging media empire, including news, sports, and entertainment, and serve users across the globe. The company needed a scalable and reliable technology solution to power its streaming content and to augment, and in some cases replace, its in-house video capabilities and supporting infrastructure.

“Shifting digital landscapes and technological advancements are placing media companies in a unique position where they must balance growing operations to a mass, global scale while ensuring resource optimization, financial sustainability, and profitability,” continued DeBevoise. “Our platform will help Yahoo meet its business goals by supporting this balance. Our service will enhance their consumers’ overall experience with the best-in-class and highest quality, most scalable, and secure streaming technology platform.”

“As Yahoo continues to grow and deliver more content, it was imperative for us to find a solution that could handle our global reach and deliver the highest level of performance for our users,” said Matt Sanchez, President & GM, Home Ecosystem at Yahoo. “Brightcove’s streaming platform provides superior scale and performance, and their team is continuously innovating its products to help deliver the best user experience as well as meet our business objectives.”

Yahoo selected Brightcove as their official streaming partner because the company:

Demonstrated a proven track record of scale and performance

Identified savings in the existing streaming technology stack

Provided market-proven solutions to support current and projected video traffic

Easily integrated into the current monetization stack and player experiences

Offers the ability to increase advertising yield and boost revenue performance

Brightcove’s technical solutions will provide Yahoo with an optimized video-on-demand (VOD) publishing and delivery workflow, live streaming and linear capabilities, monetization solutions, and an industry-leading player and app framework.

Yahoo adds to Brightcove’s roster of media entities who rely on their best-in-class technology, including AMC Networks, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, BBC, CBC/Radio-Canada, Cox Media Group, Forbes, The Metropolitan Opera, Sky, and many more.

For more information, visit

About Yahoo Inc.

Yahoo serves as a trusted guide for hundreds of millions of people globally, helping them achieve their goals online through our portfolio of iconic products. For advertisers, Yahoo Advertising offers omnichannel solutions and powerful data to engage with our brands and deliver results. To learn more about Yahoo, please visit

About Brightcove, Inc.

Brightcove creates the world’s most reliable, scalable, and secure streaming technology solutions to build a greater connection between companies and their audiences, no matter where they are or on which devices they consume content. In more than 60 countries, Brightcove’s intelligent video platform enables businesses to sell to customers more effectively, media leaders to stream and monetize content more reliably, and every organization to communicate with team members more powerfully. With two Technology and Engineering Emmy® Awards for innovation, uptime that consistently leads the industry, and unmatched scalability, we continuously push the boundaries of what video can do. Follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Visit

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Joseph Nuñez

Director, Global Communications and Public Relations


Brittany Votto

Senior Communications Manager

Emtel Selects Tecnotree for their BSS Transformation Journey

 ESPOO, Finland - Monday, 31. July 2023 AETOSWire  

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Tecnotree, a Finnish-based global provider of digital transformation solutions for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and Digital Service Providers (DSPs), is proud to announce the signing of a new deal with Emtel Mauritius, where Tecnotree will provide BSS stack solution to replace the company’s legacy business processes, products, and services, to enhance their operational efficiency, and meet current and future market requirements as a Telecom operator.

Tecnotree’s 5G-ready BSS suite with analytical capabilities comprises a full range of business processes that support customer lifecycle and revenue management. Tecnotree has an agile and open-source BSS stack that is cloud-native, Open Digital Architecture (ODA) compliant, and platinum certified by TM Forum for real-world Open APIs that allows seamless integration. The Tecnotree solution provides an improved customer experience as well as advanced monetization opportunities. It meets the increasing need for new and futuristic services for both retail and enterprise customers. Tecnotree’s BSS stack enables our customers to create a market differentiator and provide tools and open-source technologies to gain maximum benefits in terms of scale, performance, flexibility, and Capex/Opex savings.

The deployment included products such as Customer Management, Document Management, Product Management, Order Management, Inventory Management, Distributor Management, Commission Management, Workflow Management, Loyalty and Campaign Management, Customer Self-care, Lead & Sales Management, and VAS Management.

The full digital stack deployment includes key differentiators of the solution such as a 360-degree view providing consolidated customer view, self-care capabilities with digital onboarding experience such as real-time campaigns in Campaign Management, open-source technologies with configurable process reducing operational cost, and quick launch of digital services reducing time to market.

Kresh Goomany, CEO, Emtel Mauritius, said, “We are delighted to partner with Tecnotree on this transformative journey. Tecnotree BSS suite enables us to enhance our operational efficiency and cater to the ever-evolving market requirements. It equips us with the necessary tools to drive maximum benefits in terms of scale, performance, and cost-effectiveness. We are confident that Tecnotree BSS Suite capabilities such as digital customer onboarding, intelligent customer 360-degree view, real-time customer insights & recommendations, and unified catalog for bundled offerings will not only help Emtel to deliver superior customer experience but will also complement our 5G offerings for the customers.”

Padma Ravichander, CEO Tecnotree OYJ, said, “We are excited to collaborate with Emtel Mauritius and proud to play a critical role towards their move to digitization and advanced services. This partnership marks an important step forward in our commitment to provide superior digital transformation solutions that will allow them to gain maximum benefits in terms of an incremental transformation with new business models, operational efficiency, immersive user experience, and customer data-centric architecture. This collaboration demonstrates our dedication to providing market differentiators and futuristic offerings that satisfy the increasing needs of telecom operators.”

About Tecnotree

Tecnotree is a 5G-ready digital Business Support System (BSS) player, with AI/ML capabilities and multi-cloud extensibility. Tecnotree is among the first companies in the world to be Platinum Certified by TM Forum Open API standards, and our agile and open-source Digital BSS Stack comprises the full range (order-to-cash) of business processes and subscription management for telecom and other digital services industries creating opportunities beyond connectivity. Tecnotree also provides Fintech and B2B2X multi-experience marketplace to its subscriber base through the Tecnotree Moments platform to empower digitally connected communities across gaming, health, education, OTT, and other vertical ecosystems. Tecnotree is listed on Helsinki Nasdaq (TEM1V).

For more information, please visit


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Padma Ravichander, Tecnotree CEO


Perú Moda Deco 2023 opens its doors to promote a more sustainable industry

 LIMA, Peru - Friday, 28. July 2023 AETOSWire

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Perú Moda Deco celebrates its 25th anniversary with a special edition on October 19 and 20, 2023, titled In harmony with the world.

Since its launch, Peru's leading apparel and decoration business event has served as an exceptional platform to showcase to the world the best exports of this Peruvian industry, including cotton and alpaca clothing, baby and children’s clothes, as well as footwear, jewelry, and decorations and gifts.

Like every year, Perú Moda Deco will open its doors to industry professionals from all over the world who wish to discover the wide range of quality Peruvian products on offer and to establish valuable business relationships as they immerse themselves in a world of innovation, culture and trends. 200 businesses from different Peruvian regions will take part in this edition.

As it turns 25, Perú Moda Deco shines the light on the richness and sustainability of Peruvian natural resources, promoting garments and products made with original materials, such as cotton and alpaca fibers - the latter originating from the Southern regions of the country, including Arequipa, Cusco and Puno.

The event - organized by PROMPERÚ, the Peruvian agency for the promotion of exports - will feature different elements to promote cooperation and a collective effort to build an offering with a stronger commitment to the environment and social change. Attendees will be able to take in all that Perú Moda Deco has to offer through international conferences, business forums, activation events, and networking opportunities.

The event highlights the respect for and the value placed on ancestral techniques, which combined with innovation and creativity lead to ground-breaking offerings that follow market trends, and to products that stand out for their excellent finishes and attention to detail.

These activities enable Peru to promote actions that create an ethical industry - where nature and supply chain players can live together in harmony.

To register for Perú Moda Deco 2023, contact PROMPERÚ's business office in your country and/or go to:

The original source-language text of this announcement is the official, authoritative version. Translations are provided as an accommodation only, and should be cross-referenced with the source-language text, which is the only version of the text intended to have legal effect.

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Pet and Animal Brands Around the World Celebrate Their Win at the 2023 - 2024 World Branding Awards Animalis Edition in Vienna

 (BUSINESS WIRE)--The third instalment of the Animalis Edition at the 2023 - 2024 World Branding Awards welcomed pet and animal brands from around the world, celebrating their achievements as National, Regional, and Global Winners.

Held at the prestigious Hofburg Palace in Vienna, the awards ceremony was hosted by Howard Nightingall and welcomed winners across various categories, such as pet food, retail, wellness, aquatic products, and more.

“The Animalis Edition of the Awards are an acknowledgement to the tireless effort of the teams that build and maintain their brand presence in an ever changing market. As winners, these brands have established strong brand recall, top-of-mind awareness, and trust among their consumers.” said Richard Rowles, Chairman of the World Branding Forum.

Over 100,000 consumers participated in a global online survey and nominated more than 1,500 brands. Of these, only 100 of the best brands from 30 countries were named as winners.

Buddy Brands, Coo & Riku, Dymax, FRONTLINE, Hikari, Kaniva, and Taiyo were amongst the brands announced as winners. To win the World Branding Awards is no easy accolade, and cements their position as the top in their industry.

National tier winners include Coo & Riku (Japan), DeliBest (Switzerland), Dogotel & Spa (Hong Kong), Dymax (Singapore), Global Pet Foods (Canada), Halti (United Kingdom), Happi Doggy (Singapore), Heads Up For Tails (India), Hikari (Japan), Kaniva (Thailand), Kelly & Co’s (Thailand), NurturePro (Singapore), Petio (Japan), PowerCat (Malaysia), Royal Veterinary College (United Kingdom), TopBreed (The Philippines), Truline (United Kingdom), and VanCat (Turkey).

Regional tier winners include Alps Natural (Hong Kong), EHEIM (Germany), Hydra (USA), JUWEL Aquarium (Germany), Kit Cat (Singapore), and Taiyo (India).

Global winners who proved excellence and impeccable branding in their industry include Buddy Brands (USA), FRONTLINE (France), KONG (United Kingdom), Tetra (USA), and FURminator (USA).

As the 2023 - 2024 World Branding Awards Animalis Edition draws to a close, the eagerly anticipated Global Edition of the World Branding Awards will return to the stage in November in Kensington Palace, London.

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The World Branding Awards is the premier awards of the World Branding Forum, a registered non-profit organisation. The awards recognise the achievements of some of the world’s best brands.







The Dream Championship 2023 Kicks Off this September to Determine the No. 1 Player in the World! “Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team”

 Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Friday, 28. July 2023 AETOSWire

KLab Inc., a leader in online mobile games, announced that its head-to-head football simulation game Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team will be holding the Dream Championship 2023 tournament from September 8. This year will mark the fifth Dream Championship held to date to determine the number one player in the world. See the original press release ( for more information.

Dream Championship 2023 Overview

The 15 players* who emerge victorious from the Final Regional Qualifiers will be joined by the victor of last year's tournament for a combined total of 16 players to face off in the Dream Championship 2023 Finals to determine the ultimate champion.

*5 of the best players from each block in the Final Regional Qualifiers will advance to the Dream Championship 2023 Finals.

*The fifth player chosen from each of the blocks in the Final Regional Qualifiers will be chosen through a single-elimination tournament where the 4 players who lost in the first round of each block will play against each other for the remaining spot.


Dates (Based in JST/UTC+9)

Online Qualifiers *Held in-game

・Entry Period: From Friday, September 8, 16:00 to Friday, September 15, 13:59

・Round 1: From Friday, September 15 after maintenance ends to Friday, September 22, 13:59

・Round 2: From Friday, September 22 after maintenance ends to Friday, September 29, 13:59

・Round 3: From Friday, September 29 after maintenance ends to Friday, October 6, 13:59


Final Regional Qualifiers *Broadcast on YouTube Live

・Japan/Asia/Oceania Tournament: Saturday, October 21, 2023

・American Tournament: Sunday, October 29, 2023

・Europe/Africa Tournament: Saturday, November 4, 2023


Dream Championship 2023 Finals *Broadcast on YouTube Live

・Day 1: Saturday, November 18, 2023

・Day 2: Sunday, November 19, 2023


For further details, fans are encouraged to keep an eye on the official Dream Championship website.

Dream Championship 2023 Official Website


Overview of Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

Supported OSes:                   Android™ 4.4+, iOS 11.0+, HarmonyOS 2.0+

Genre:                                                Head-to-head football simulation game

Price:                                      Free-to-play (In-app purchases available)

Supported Regions:              Global (Excludes Japan and Mainland China)

Official Website:                      

Official Twitter Account:                 @tsubasaDT_en

Official Facebook Page:         

Official YouTube Channel:

Official Discord Channel:      

Copyright:                             ©Yoichi Takahashi/SHUEISHA


            © KLabGames


Download here:

App Store:

Google Play:




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Medisca Expands Strategic Partnerships to Drive Patient Access to Critical Medications

 MONTREAL - Thursday, 27. July 2023

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Medisca has announced the expansion of a network of strategic partnerships aimed at securing and stabilizing worldwide access to high quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for the preparation of essential medications. This mission started with the exclusive partnership for Thyroid USP in 2021, and has now expanded to include Progesterone USP (Special Micronized), Testosterone USP (Micronized), Diclofenac Sodium USP, and Ketamine Hydrochloride USP.

In recent years, Medisca has seen significant increases in the demand for these APIs with commercial drug shortages and the need for qualified products and transparency documented as the primary causes. By actively engaging in strategic partnerships, Medisca reinforces its position as a true Partner In Wellness and driver in securing high-quality product supply for the pharmaceutical compounding and healthcare industries.

“We are steadfast in our commitment to promoting pharmaceutical compounding as a legitimate, effective, and essential solution for healthcare providers working to overcome challenges in medication accessibility and looking to provide transformative options for personalized patient care,“ said Panagiota Danopoulos, Senior Vice President of Global Strategy & Innovation at Medisca. “To achieve this we continue our mission to forge partnerships with leaders in API manufacturing that are unified by a common commitment to quality, consistency, and value,” continued Danopoulos

In order to vet the right partners, Medisca conducts thorough due diligence to ensure the highest quality measures are met at the source. All partners undergo a rigorous vendor qualification program with proof of FDA registration, quality agreements in place, and testing performed to verify the quality of the product including, full USP compendial testing, elemental impurity testing, residual solvent testing, and particle size testing for micronized products.

Leveraging these strong partnerships in API manufacturing and collaborating closely with government authorities, Medisca is able to support market access to essential APIs and address the critical needs of healthcare providers and patients across the globe.

About Medisca

Medisca is a global corporation with locations throughout North America, Australia, and Europe, that contributes to healthcare by leveraging strong partnerships that deliver customized solutions with an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Backed by 30+ years and a strong foundation in pharmaceutical compounding supply, Medisca is a business-to-business company that delivers comprehensive offerings by providing value, consistency, responsiveness, and loyalty. As Partners in Wellness, Medisca offers an unfailing devotion to improving lives across a multitude of needs and people. For more information visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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Gayle Padvaiskas
Vice President, Global Marketing

Settlement Administrator Angeion Group Announces Proposed Settlement In U.S. Dollar LIBOR-Based Instrument Class Action

 If You Owned a U.S. Dollar LIBOR-Based Instrument Between August 2007 and May 2010 A Class Action Settlement Totaling $90 Million May Affect Your Legal Rights.

A federal court authorized this notice. This is not a solicitation from a lawyer.

(BUSINESS WIRE)--There are lawsuits impacting individuals and institutions that entered into over-the-counter financial derivative and non-derivative instruments directly with 17 banks and that received payments tied to U.S. Dollar LIBOR. A Settlement totaling $90 million has been reached with MUFG Bank, Ltd., The Norinchukin Bank, and Société Générale. Earlier settlements totaling $590 million were reached with Barclays, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, and HSBC, bringing the total settlement amount to $680 million. The remaining Non-Settling Defendants include Bank of America, Credit Suisse, HBOS, JPMorgan Chase, Lloyds, Rabobank, Royal Bank of Canada, Royal Bank of Scotland, UBS, and Portigon. The litigation claims that the banks manipulated the U.S. Dollar LIBOR rate during the financial crisis, artificially lowering the rate for their own profit, which resulted in class members receiving lower interest payments for their U.S. Dollar LIBOR-Based Instruments from the banks than they should have. Plaintiffs assert antitrust, breach of contract, and unjust enrichment claims. MUFG Bank, Norinchukin, and Société Générale deny all claims of wrongdoing.

What does the Settlement provide?

The Settlement will create a Settlement Fund totaling $90 million that will be used to pay eligible Class Members who submit valid claims, as well as attorneys’ fees not to exceed one third of the gross settlement, expenses not to exceed $5,500,000, and service awards to the Class Representatives not to exceed $100,000 per Representative. Additionally, MUFG Bank, Norinchukin, and Société Générale will provide certain cooperation to the Plaintiffs in their ongoing litigation against the Non-Settling Defendants.

Am I eligible to receive a payment from the Settlement?

You are included if you (individual or entity) directly purchased certain U.S. Dollar LIBOR-based instruments from Bank of America, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Barclays, Citibank, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, HBOS, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, Lloyds, Norinchukin, Rabobank, Royal Bank of Canada, Royal Bank of Scotland, Société Générale, UBS, and Portigon (or their subsidiaries or affiliates) in the United States; and owned the instruments at any time between August 2007 and May 2010. The instruments in the Settlement Class include certain interest rate swaps, forward rate agreements, asset swaps, collateralized debt obligations, credit default swaps, inflation swaps, total return swaps, options, and bonds/floating rate notes.

How do I get a payment from the Settlement?

You can submit a Proof of Claim online or by mail. The deadline to submit a Proof of Claim is December 15, 2023. You do not need to submit a Proof of Claim to share in the Settlement if you previously submitted a valid Proof of Claim in the prior settlements and do not seek to modify or supplement your Proof of Claim. You are entitled to receive a payment if you have a qualifying transaction with any of the following banks: Bank of America, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Barclays, Citibank, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, HBOS, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, Lloyds, Norinchukin, Rabobank, Royal Bank of Canada, Royal Bank of Scotland, Société Générale, UBS, or Portigon (or their subsidiaries or affiliates). You do not need to have transacted with MUFG Bank, Norinchukin, or Société Générale specifically. At this time, it is unknown how much each Class Member who submits a valid claim will receive. Visit for more information on submitting a Proof of Claim.

What are my rights?

If you are a member of the Settlement Class and you do not file a timely claim, you will lose your right to receive money or benefits from the $90 million settlement with MUFG Bank, Norinchukin, and Société Générale unless you submitted a valid claim in a prior settlement in the OTC Action. If you would like to retain your right to file your own lawsuit against MUFG Bank, Norinchukin, or Société Générale, you must opt out of the Settlement Class by September 29, 2023. If you stay in the Settlement Class, you may object to the Settlement by September 29, 2023.

The Court’s hearing.

The Court will hold a hearing on October 17, 2023 to consider whether to approve the Settlement and approve Class Counsel’s request of attorneys’ fees of up to one-third of the Settlement Fund, plus reimbursement of costs and expenses and service payments to the Class Representatives. You or your own lawyer may appear and speak at the hearing at your own expense. More information about the Settlement is available on the Settlement website,, and in the Long Form Notice accessible on that website, or by calling 1-888-619-8688.

This notice is only a summary.

For more information, including the full Notice and Settlement Agreement, visit, email, or call 1-888-619-8688


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Susman Godfrey LLP

Seth Ard, 212-471-8354


Saturday, July 29, 2023

Ferrer Allocates, on Average, More Than 40% of its Profits to Social and Environmental Projects for the Third Consecutive Year

BARCELONA, Spain - Friday, 28. July 2023

(BUSINESS WIRE)--The pharmaceutical company Ferrer, certified as a B Corp in 2022, has again shown that there is another way of doing business, with an ethical business approach that contributes to a better society. Over the past three years, Ferrer has allocated over 40% on average of its net profits to various social and environmental projects aimed at creating a fairer and more equitable society. As stated in the company’s Sustainability Report, in 2022, 47% of profits were reinvested, carrying out the company's commitment to making a positive impact in society.

"As a company, we have an obligation and responsibility to put business profitability and social benefit on an equal footing. We believe that the pharmaceutical business is not an end in itself, but a means to generate substantial social change. We are aware that we still have a long way to go, but we want to encourage other companies to follow the same path," says Mario Rovirosa, Ferrer’s CEO.

To inspire other companies and extend the positive impact beyond Ferrer itself, various initiatives have been launched involving business partners, suppliers and other companies. The Suppliers for Good program is an example in which Ferrer aims to support and guide its suppliers in improving their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices. An ESG evaluation process for suppliers was launched, and by 2022, 320 suppliers had already been evaluated through the Ecovadis platform, including nearly 50% of suppliers identified as significant. As a result, in 2022 the company was recognized as a leader in Carbon Disclosure Project Supplier Engagement. As a further consequence of this initiative, Ferrer has been certified EcoVadis Gold.

A similar project has also been launched to involve business partners, called Partners for Good. The project consists of evaluating and promoting environmental, social and corporate governance performance among selected partners and defining actions to support and involve them in making a positive impact in society.

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Tel.: +34 936 003 779

OAG Acquires Infare and Receives New Investment from Vitruvian Partners

 LONDON - Friday, 28. July 2023

This acquisition adds airfare data to OAG's market-leading intelligence platform

(BUSINESS WIRE)--OAG, the world’s leading data platform for the global travel industry, has acquired Infare, the leading provider of competitor air travel data, from Ventiga Capital in a deal valuing the combined entity at over US$500m. Together, OAG and Infare have an exciting journey ahead to leverage a truly market-leading end-to-end data platform to serve mission-critical air travel intelligence needs across the world.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

With renowned industry heritage, both businesses share a deep passion for quality, accuracy, and customer-centricity. Together, there is a significant opportunity for OAG and Infare to better serve airline partners and the wider travel ecosystem with high-quality data and innovative solutions.

Infare is the partner of choice for airlines demanding the highest quality competitor air travel data source to support their growth. Combining OAG’s existing data solutions with airfare data creates a compelling proposition for customers who can get a broader picture of supply and demand. This enables customers to forecast resource, evaluate travel demand and competition, and build more complex and innovative models to drive revenue and profitable growth.

Through the acquisition, OAG now grows to over 300 employees globally across 10 offices.

Phil Callow, CEO of OAG, commented:

“The increasing dynamism in global travel and technology is fuelling a need for more sophisticated, granular data to understand, manage and unlock growth in air travel. The acquisition of Infare strengthens our ability to deliver consistent and accurate information across the wider supply and demand value chain. Together, we are enabling new and existing customers to thrive and innovate ahead of their counterparts. I am excited to welcome Infare colleagues to the OAG family.”

Nils Gelbjerg-Hansen, CEO of Infare, commented:

“Access to comprehensive and accurate data is paramount for making informed business decisions. Airlines rely on data to gain valuable insights into customer behaviour, market trends, and operational efficiency. Our technology platform, data sets, and intelligence software complement OAG’s and will greatly benefit our customers worldwide. We see this as a unique opportunity to expand our services and introduce new innovative products for our customers, we are excited about the journey ahead together.”

Both management teams will continue in the Group and will retain a shareholding, with fresh backing provided by Vitruvian Partners.

Ben Johnson, a Partner at Vitruvian, commented:

“OAG and Infare are both clear leaders in their respective global markets. The combination creates additional growth opportunities for both teams. Vitruvian is delighted to support this ambitious technology company and renew our relationship with them for the years to come.”

Niclas Gabrán, Managing Partner at Ventiga Capital Partners, commented:

“It has been a pleasure working together with Nils and his team to build Infare into a leading travel data provider through organic growth and acquisitions. Infare’s next chapter as a part of the OAG family will undoubtedly create further growth opportunities both within and outside the air travel sector.”

About OAG

OAG is the leading data platform for the global travel industry, powering the growth and innovation of the air travel ecosystem since 1929. It has the world’s largest network of flight information, covering the whole journey from planning to customer experience. Customers include airlines, airports, travel technology players, aviation service providers, government agencies, financial institutions, and consultancies. Headquartered in the UK, OAG has operations in the USA, Singapore, Japan, China, and Lithuania. For more information, visit: and follow us on Twitter @OAG Aviation.

About Infare

Infare is the leading competitor air travel data provider, empowering airlines to make effective pricing decisions. Infare’s mission is to fuel airline systems with high-quality competitor air travel data delivered daily, multiple times a day or live. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, the company has a global reach and presence worldwide. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

About Vitruvian Partners

Vitruvian is an independent growth capital firm headquartered in London with a global presence. Vitruvian focuses on dynamic situations characterized by rapid growth and change across industries spanning technology, financial services, healthcare, and business and consumer services. Vitruvian is among the largest pools of capital in Europe supporting innovative and higher growth companies. Vitruvian Funds have backed over 90 companies and have assets under management of €15+ billion. Notable investments to date include global market leaders and innovators in their field such as Skyscanner, Sykes Holiday Cottages, CFC Underwriting, CallCredit, Travel Counsellors, Trustpilot, Farfetch, Just Eat, Wise, and Global-e.

About Ventiga Capital Partners

Ventiga is an entrepreneurial and growth-focused investor partnering with exceptional entrepreneurs and management teams to achieve sustainable, profitable growth and transformational value through active, engaged, and responsible ownership. Ventiga invests in profitable growth companies with superior business expansion potential, primarily in the B2B services space.


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Disney Illusion Island Now Available on Nintendo Switch™

 GLENDALE, Calif. - Friday, 28. July 2023

Embark on a Whimsical Journey with Mickey & Friends

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, Disney Games, in collaboration with developer Dlala Studios, launch Disney Illusion Island globally, a local cooperative 2D platform adventure video game for up to four players, exclusively for Nintendo Switch™.

Experience a brand-new adventure as players join Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy on a whimsical journey through the island of Monoth. Explore this beautiful yet mysterious world to recover the three magical Tomes – powerful books used to protect the island. Disney Illusion Island gives players the chance to be a part of an authentic Mickey & Friends adventure with an original story, stunning hand-drawn animation, and an original fully orchestrated score by Ivor Novello and BAFTA-nominated composer Dave Housden.

Watch the Disney Illusion Island Launch Trailer Here.

“Disney Illusion Island marks Mickey Mouse’s return to video games and we’re honored to bring this one-of-a-kind adventure to the Nintendo Switch,” said Luigi Priore, VP, Disney, Pixar and 20th Century Games. “We’re excited to see gamers jump in and explore the wonderfully hand-crafted world of Monoth with their friends and family.”

Featuring the authentic voice actors of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy, Disney Illusion Island brings everyone together. Whether playing solo or teaming with up to three friends in local co-op, players will perform high flying platforming feats, uncover secrets, and take on epic boss encounters. There is always something new to discover in the expansive world of Monoth as players uncover the mystery of the stolen Tomes.

“Disney Illusion Island has been an absolute career high for myself and the studio,” said Aj Grand-Scrutton, Creative Director/CEO, Dlala Studios. “We have absolutely loved bringing Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy back in a brand-new 2D platforming adventure and we can’t wait for players to join us in the world of Monoth!”

Disney Illusion Island is now available for $39.99, exclusively for Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo eShop and at retail, beginning today.

For more information about Disney Illusion Island:

For more updates on Disney Illusion Island, please follow us on social below:

About Disney Consumer Products, Games, and Publishing

Consumer Products, Games and Publishing (CPGP) is the division of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products (DPEP) that brings beloved brands and franchises into the daily lives of families and fans through products – from toys to t-shirts, apps, books, console games and more – and experiences that can be found around the world, including on the shopDisney e-commerce platform and at Disney Parks, as well as local and international retailers. The business is home to world-class teams of product, licensing and retail experts, artists and storytellers, and technologists who inspire imaginations around the world.

About Dlala Studios

Dlala Studios are the creators of Disney Illusion Island and Battletoads (2020). They have also provided work for multiple award-winning titles, such as Sea of Thieves. The Essex-based studio has earned a reputation as an industry leader in 2D animation and for their unique, humorous narrative. The studio celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2022, growing to nearly 40 full-time employees.


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Friday, July 28, 2023

"EU ORGANIC DEAL Promotes Sustainable European Organic Products in UK and UAE Market


The EU financed campaign “EU ORGANIC DEAL” seeks to raise awareness and promote the unique qualities and advantages of European organic products from Bulgaria, Romania, and Greece to consumers in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. People will have the opportunity to experience a variety of organic products, including fruit juices such as cherry, berries, apple, and grapes, along with organic olive oil, sunflower oil, coffee, cheese, and tea. These goods are produced using sustainable and organic farming practices, guaranteeing the highest quality and purity.

The participant organizations in the program are The Bulgarian National Horticultural Union (BNHU), The Association of O.perators in Organic Farming Bio-Romania and the Union of Hellenic Chambers (UHC).

The Bulgarian National Horticultural Union (BNHU), coordinator of the program, is established in May 2003 as a non-profit organization, primarily comprising major producers of traditional and non-traditional Bulgarian fruits, vegetables, and a mass producer of Bulgarian organic cherry juice. One of the main goals of the Union is to promote export growth and enhance the competitiveness of Bulgarian fruits, vegetables, and flowers in international markets.

Secondly, The Association of Operators in Organic Farming Bio-Romania is a Romanian non-profit, non-governmental, and independent legal entity founded in September 2008 through the merger of 18 founding members. This association advocates for the sustainable development of agriculture and rural areas in Romania, focusing on educating, informing, and raising consumer awareness about the benefits of organic farming for human health and the environment. They actively promote the consumption of certified organic food.

The Union of Hellenic Chambers (UHC) consists of 59 Hellenic Chambers and serves as an advisory body to the state on matters of economy and growth in general. It represents and provides services to the Hellenic Chambers both domestically and internationally. All 59 Hellenic Chambers have equal participation in the UHC, representing the entirety of Greece's business world, which encompasses approximately 900 thousand entities in commerce, industry, crafts, and professions.

The 'EU ORGANIC DEAL' program is dedicated to promoting sustainable agricultural practices as part of the European Green Deal, the primary focus of this initiative. The program supports local farmers and producers while encouraging the adoption of environmentally-friendly farming techniques. The second focus is the commitment of all EU Member States to ensure food quality through determined legislative frameworks.

Organic deal, grown organically by mother nature. Enjoy, it’s from Europe!

For more information about the EU ORGANIC DEAL campaign, the products and the associations, please visit the following website



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Mouser Electronics Shares the Revolutionary Power of Digital Therapeutics in Latest Empowering Innovation Together Series

Sixth Street Welcomes Julian Salisbury as Partner and Co-Chief Investment Officer

SAN FRANCISCO - Friday, 28. July 2023

Experienced Global Investor and Business Leader to Join Firm, Drive International Market Opportunities

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sixth Street, a leading global investment firm, today announced that Julian Salisbury will become a partner of the firm and serve as Co-Chief Investment Officer alongside Chief Executive Officer Alan Waxman and Co-President Joshua Easterly. Salisbury is expected to start in early 2024 and will help lead Sixth Street alongside Waxman, Easterly, Vice Chairman R. Martin Chavez, Co-President David Stiepleman and the firm’s Executive Committee.

Salisbury brings to Sixth Street over 25 years of experience building and leading private and public markets investing businesses. He comes to the firm after a distinguished career at Goldman Sachs, where he most recently served as Chief Investment Officer of the Asset and Wealth Management Division. In that role, he was responsible for $2.7 trillion in assets, including more than $450 billion in alternative investments. Salisbury was previously Co-Head of Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Global Head of the Merchant Banking Division.

Prior to forming Sixth Street in 2009, many of the firm’s co-founding partners worked closely with Salisbury at Goldman Sachs while building and leading investing businesses focused on growth investing, alternative energy, real estate, direct lending, and public markets strategies, among others.

“Sixth Street’s culture is the foundation of everything we do, and Julian is a seamless fit into our firm. He has distinguished himself time and again as a superstar investor and business builder and, more importantly, as a trustworthy and reliable partner,” said Sixth Street Chief Executive Officer Alan Waxman. “Julian understands how asset owners’ needs and objectives drive the flow of capital around the world, and he embodies our firm’s values of teamwork, integrity, entrepreneurship, and making a positive impact on our communities. We first got to know each other in 2002 while working on an investment in a Swiss cable company, and since then my partners and I have cheered Julian on as he has become one of the industry’s best investors and business leaders. We are incredibly excited to be back working with him again.”

Salisbury’s career is defined by an extraordinary range of investing, business-building, and leadership experience throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. In addition to his role as CIO of Asset and Wealth Management, he co-chaired investment committees at Goldman Sachs across all direct private strategies including growth, real estate, private credit, private equity, and infrastructure. He was named to the Goldman Sachs Management Committee in 2017 and previously co-chaired the firm’s Partnership Committee. Salisbury serves numerous charitable and community-focused organizations, including as a director on the boards of Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) and Save the Children.

“Alan and the team at Sixth Street have assembled the exact kind of organization I would want if I were creating an investment firm from the ground up. Sixth Street’s culture, platform architecture, and investment philosophy fully align with what I consider the model for how to build and operate a modern investment firm,” said incoming Sixth Street Partner and Co-Chief Investment Officer Julian Salisbury. “While leaving Goldman Sachs was a difficult decision, this was a unique opportunity to reunite with a group of people for whom I have deep, longstanding respect. Alan and I have been colleagues and friends for more than twenty years, and I am incredibly excited to work with him, Josh, David, and Marty again as a member of the powerful investing ecosystem the Sixth Street partner group has cultivated. There really is no other firm I would have considered joining, and I am excited for all that I know we will achieve together.”

As a global investment firm designed for cross-platform collaboration at scale, Sixth Street pursues a highly flexible investment mandate: the firm invests for growth, builds new partnerships, acquires assets, provides direct financing, and regularly creates first-of-their-kind capital solutions for companies and assets customized to meet the strategic objectives of management teams. Sixth Street’s more than 500 investment and control-side professionals operate as one unified team working on behalf of the firm’s institutional investors and their beneficiaries around the world. The firm’s investments and strategic partnerships across sectors and geographies have included Airbnb, AirTrunk, Bay FC, Biohaven, FC Barcelona, Legends, Real Madrid, San Antonio Spurs, and Spotify, among many others.

About Sixth Street

Sixth Street is a leading global investment firm with over $65 billion in assets under management and committed capital. The firm’s Sixth Street TAO platform also includes Talcott Financial Group, an international life insurance group with $123 billion in assets under management. Sixth Street uses its long-term flexible capital, data-enabled capabilities, and One Team culture to develop themes and offer solutions to companies across all stages of growth. For more information, follow Sixth Street on social media and visit


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Sixth Street

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Galderma Achieves Record 2 B USD Net Sales for a Six-Month Period in H1 2023, as It Continues to Demonstrate Leading Execution and Innovation Capabilities in Dermatology

 ZUG, Switzerland

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Galderma:

Galderma maintained strong momentum across all product categories reaching 2,003 M USD net sales in H1 2023, up 6.9% year-on-year on a constant currency basis

Growth primarily driven by Dermatological Skincare and Therapeutic Dermatology; Injectable Aesthetics continued to grow driven by double-digit performance in both Neuromodulators and Biostimulators despite softening in the Filler market and a high comparative base for the product category in 2022 following a post-COVID rebound

Delivered significant Core EBITDA margin expansion in H1 2023, with a Core EBITDA of 450 M USD and margin of 22.5% compared to 21.0% for full year 2022

On track to deliver on 2023 full-year revenue and profitability guidance of 6-9% constant currency net sales growth and 200-300 bps Core EBITDA margin expansion versus 2022

Showcased best-in-class innovation capabilities across its leading dermatology portfolio, including positive phase III data for nemolizumab in adult patients with prurigo nodularis, along with FDA approvals and major launches in Injectable Aesthetics and Dermatological Skincare

Private placement of over 1 B USD raised for newly issued shares, with proceeds used to strengthen the balance sheet and further accelerate Galderma’s organic growth momentum


“Galderma sustained its growth momentum in the first half of 2023 driven by a laser focus on commercial execution and by premium positioning in attractive, high-growth markets. Galderma continues to demonstrate its commitment to bringing science-based, premium products to consumers, patients, and healthcare professionals, with new FDA approvals and new product launches in the first half of 2023. We also shared further positive data that underscores the strength of our differentiated innovation pipeline. I am delighted to see our unique, integrated dermatology strategy go from strength to strength, as we continue to deliver on our ambition to become the leader in dermatology.”




Positive commercial and financial momentum

In the first half of 2023, Galderma reached the 2 B USD net sales mark for the period for the first time and delivered the majority of Core EBITDA margin expansion planned by year end, with Core EBITDA of 450 M USD and a 22.5% margin, representing a 10.5% constant currency growth compared to the first half of 2022 and a margin increase of 150 bps versus the full year 2022. The robust Core EBITDA growth was driven by sales growth, including contribution from pricing actions and positive brand mix evolution, savings from the end-to-end transformation program and cost discipline.

With its broad portfolio of leading brands and services, fueled by science-based innovation and focused commercial execution, Galderma is well positioned in a growing dermatology market. Despite the uncertain macroeconomic environment, consumer demand for premium products remained resilient.

After record growth in 2022, following a strong rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic, net sales for the first half of the year were up 6.9% year-on-year on a constant currency basis, ahead of expectations.

Injectable Aesthetics delivered single-digit constant currency growth over the period, from a high comparative base in 2022. While Galderma gained market share across its Injectable Aesthetic portfolio, Neuromodulators and Biostimulators stood out with double-digit constant currency growth for the period. Overall category growth was subdued by the return to typical seasonality following the high 2022 rebound post the COVID-19 crisis, as well as softening in demand for Fillers in some key markets.

Dermatological Skincare continued its growth trajectory, highlighted by the double-digit growth of Cetaphil® in the International region1 and the growth of Alastin Skincare®, including the recent expansion into Mexico.

Therapeutic Dermatology returned to growth following the 2022 loss of exclusivity events in the U.S. Growth was driven by successful yield improvement measures in the U.S. for key brands such as Oracea®, Aklief® and Soolantra®, as well as continued robust performance in International.

Growth for the period benefited from brand mix evolution and price increases across geographies, as a result of Galderma’s differentiated portfolio of premium brands and services and ongoing launches of science-based innovations with meaningful consumer benefits.

From a geographical perspective, net sales growth was primarily driven by Galderma’s larger region, International. There was particularly strong momentum with double-digit growth in fast-growing markets such as China, India and Mexico.

Galderma confirms guidance for the full year, expecting to deliver 6-9% net sales growth on a constant currency basis and 200-300 bps Core EBITDA margin expansion (versus 2022). The margin expansion guidance incorporates significant Core EBITDA generation which is planned to be partially reinvested into nemolizumab costs ahead of its future launch, following positive phase III results in prurigo nodularis and atopic dermatitis.

Earlier in 2023, Galderma raised over 1 B USD for newly issued shares in a private placement round. The investment came from a group consisting of current shareholders, new investors, as well as management, highlighting their confidence in Galderma’s track-record and growth potential. The proceeds of the private placement are being used to strengthen the Company’s balance sheet and to further accelerate its organic growth momentum fueled by its unique integrated dermatology strategy.

Continued pipeline progress and launch of innovative products and tools

In the first half of 2023, Galderma continued to advance innovation, with significant launches and positive data presentations across its leading dermatology portfolio.

Therapeutic Dermatology

Nemolizumab: prurigo nodularis update

Galderma premiered positive data from the phase III OLYMPIA 2 trial at the 2023 American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting, showing that nemolizumab monotherapy met all primary and key secondary endpoints and demonstrated significant improvements on itch, skin clearance and sleep disturbance in adult patients with prurigo nodularis. Results showed that:

56 percent of nemolizumab-treated patients achieved a response in itch intensity, as defined by an at least 4-point improvement in peak-pruritus numerical rating scale (PP-NRS) score, compared to 21 percent in the placebo group (p<0.0001)2

38 percent of nemolizumab-treated patients reached treatment success in skin lesions, as defined by an investigator’s global assessment (IGA) score of 0 or 1, compared to 11 percent in the placebo group (p<0.0001)2

In addition, the latest data from the OLYMPIA 2 trial presented at the World Congress of Dermatology (WCD) showcased the rapid onset of action of nemolizumab monotherapy in adult patients with prurigo nodularis. Results showed that:

19.7 percent of patients treated with nemolizumab achieved an itch-free state as early as week 4 after only one dose of nemolizumab3


Galderma presented data from the START study, a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, vehicle-controlled split-face study, evaluating the efficacy and safety of trifarotene cream for preventing the risk of atrophic acne scar formation. Topline results demonstrate a statistically significant reduction in total atrophic acne scar count with trifarotene cream vs. vehicle treatment as early as week two, with a progressive and statistically significant difference up to week 24, and a significantly higher proportion of patients achieving Investigator’s Global Assessment (IGA) success.4

Injectable Aesthetics


Galderma received approval from the FDA for Sculptra for the correction of fine lines and wrinkles in the cheek area. Sculptra is the first and original FDA-approved PLLA collagen stimulator that, when injected into the cheek area, helps stimulate natural collagen production to smooth wrinkles and improve skin quality such as firmness and glow, with results lasting up to two years.


Galderma received FDA approval for its newest hyaluronic acid filler, Restylane Eyelight® for the treatment of undereye hollows, also known as dark shadows, in adults over the age of 21. It is the first and only product in the U.S. formulated with NASHA® Technology for volume loss under the eyes, giving patients natural-looking results.

In addition, Galderma launched a new indication of Restylane Defyne®, for the treatment of chin retrusion, in China. This is the first approval for a hyaluronic acid injectable for this indication in the Chinese market.

Dermatological Skincare


Galderma continues to roll out product innovation across its leading dermatologist-recommended brand for sensitive skin, Cetaphil. The latest innovation, Cetaphil Healthy Renew, was launched in Brazil in the first half of the year.

To support users with sensitive skin, Cetaphil unveiled a digital AI skin analysis tool. The comprehensive skin analyzer offers personalized skin assessment scores and skincare regimen recommendations in seconds.

In line with its commitment to supporting consumers with sensitive skin through its ongoing innovation, Galderma’s Sensitive Skincare Faculty, in collaboration with the George Washington University hosted a dedicated symposium at WCD. It detailed the most extensive profiling of sensitive skin ever done, in 10,000 people across five continents.

Alastin Skincare

Galderma launched Alastin Skincare ReSURFACETM Skin Polish as the newest product addition to the Alastin Skincare collection of scientifically formulated and clinically tested products. ReSURFACE Skin Polish is designed to sweep away dead skin cells and impurities for instantly smoother and visibly brighter skin and delivers the power of dual-action exfoliation through volcanic minerals and glycolic acid (AHA) in a non-irritating, hydrating formula. It has been clinically proven to help improve tactile roughness and skin dullness within one week of use.

Notes and references:

1. Galderma reports revenue by two geographies: U.S. and International

2. Kwatra S. Late breaking abstract presented at the 2023 American Academy of Dermatology (AAD)

3. Stander S, et al. Late breaking abstract presented at WCD 2023

4. Galderma. START Topline results. Presented at WCD 2023

About Galderma

Galderma is the emerging pure-play dermatology category leader, present in approximately 90 countries. We deliver an innovative, science-based portfolio of premium flagship brands and services that span the full spectrum of the fast-growing dermatology market though Injectable Aesthetics, Dermatological Skincare and Therapeutic Dermatology. Since our foundation in 1981, we have dedicated our focus and passion to the human body’s largest organ – the skin – meeting individual consumer and patient needs with superior outcomes in partnership with healthcare professionals. Because we understand that the skin we are in shapes our lives, we are advancing dermatology for every skin story. Galderma’s portfolio of flagship brands includes Restylane®, Dysport®, Azzalure®, Alluzience® and Sculptra® in Injectable Aesthetics; Soolantra®, Epiduo®, Differin®, Aklief®, Epsolay®, Twyneo®, Oracea®, Metvix®, Benzac® and Loceryl® in Therapeutic Dermatology; and Cetaphil® and Alastin Skincare® in Dermatological Skincare. For more information:

Forward-looking statements

Certain statements in this announcement are forward-looking statements, including 2023 financial targets. Forward looking statements are statements that are not historical facts and may be identified by words such as "plans", "targets", "aims", " believes", "expects", "anticipates", "intends", "estimates", "will", "may", "continues", "should" and similar expressions. These forward-looking statements reflect, at the time, Galderma's beliefs, intentions and current targets/aims concerning, among other things, Galderma's results of operations, financial condition, industry, liquidity, prospects, growth and strategies and are subject to change. The estimated financial information is based on management's current expectations and is subject to change. By their nature, forward-looking statements involve a number of risks, uncertainties and assumptions that could cause actual results or events to differ materially from those expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements. These risks, uncertainties and assumptions could adversely affect the outcome and financial consequences of the plans and events described herein. Actual results may differ from those set forth in the forward-looking statements as a result of various factors (including, but not limited to, future global economic conditions, changed market conditions, intense competition in the markets in which Galderma operates, costs of compliance with applicable laws, regulations and standards, diverse political, legal, economic and other conditions affecting the Galderma's markets, and other factors beyond the control of Galderma). Neither Galderma nor its shareholders, directors, officers, employees, advisors, or any other person is under any obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. You should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements, which speak of the date of this announcement. Statements contained in this announcement regarding past trends or events should not be taken as a representation that such trends or events will continue in the future. Some of the information presented herein is based on statements by third parties, and no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made as to, and no reliance should be placed on, the fairness, reasonableness, accuracy, completeness or correctness of this information or any other information or opinions contained herein, for any purpose whatsoever.


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For further information:

Christian Marcoux, M.Sc.

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Jessica Cohen

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MarketVector Indexes™ and Figment Partner on the Industry’s First Staking Rewards Indexes


The indexing and digital asset leaders can create customizable indexes for institutions, and advisors to track rewards

(BUSINESS WIRE)--MarketVector Indexes™ (“MarketVector”), a global index provider and long-time leader in digital assets indexing, announces a partnership with Figment, a leading provider of staking infrastructure, to introduce the industry’s first staking rewards indexes.

Figment and MarketVector have aligned to provide a more comprehensive measure of the value of Ethereum via products that are tailor-made for institutions. This partnership marries MarketVector’s expertise in index administration with Figment’s best-in-class Ethereum rewards rate reporting. A first-mover in staking-as-a-service, Figment provides staking and data solutions to some of the largest institutions in the digital asset space.

“We’ve been proud to be on the forefront of digital assets indexing and this partnership with Figment reflects our commitment to providing institutions and investors with exposure to leading assets,” said Martin Leinweber, Digital Assets Product Strategist at MarketVector. “Now, asset managers and advisors are able to have customizable access to staking rewards as an industry first.”

The first products co-created by MarketVector and Figment include the soon-to-be-launched the MarketVector™ Figment Ethereum Staking Reward Reference Rate and the MarketVector™ Figment Ethereum Total Return Index. While the partnership's initial focus is on solutions for institutions and investors in Ethereum, this partnership paves the way to expand and extend these capabilities to other digital assets in the future.

In addition to the benchmark and reference rate, MarketVector and Figment are able to provide bespoke elements of the indexes to address the diverse needs of licensors in different markets.

“We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with MarketVector, which addresses one of the most significant challenges faced by institutions in the digital asset space - access to reliable, robust data,” said Josh Deems, Institutional Business Development Lead at Figment. “By combining Figment's leading on-chain data capabilities with MarketVector's benchmarking expertise, we are poised to unlock new opportunities for institutions offering investors exposure to digital assets. We envision a new paradigm, where asset managers are able to provide products with staking rewards that are benchmarked against our indexes.”

For more information about the partnership, please contact us.

Key Index Features
MarketVector™ Figment Ethereum Staking Rewards Reference Rate (ticker: MVETHSRR)
Number of Components: 1
Base Date: September 30, 2021
Base Value: 5.73

Key Index Features
MarketVector™ Figment Ethereum Total Return Index (ticker: MVETHTR)
Number of Components: 1
Base Date: September 30, 2021
Base Value: 100

About MarketVector Indexes -
MarketVector Indexes™ (“MarketVector”) is a regulated Benchmark Administrator in Europe, incorporated in Germany and registered with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). MarketVector maintains indexes under the MarketVector™, MVIS®, and BlueStar® names. With a mission to accelerate index innovation globally, MarketVector is best known for its broad suite of Thematic indexes, long-running expertise in Hard Asset-linked Equity indexes, and its pioneering Digital Asset index family. MarketVector is proud to partner with more than 25 Exchange-Traded Product (ETP) issuers and index fund managers in markets worldwide, with approximately USD 30 billion in assets under management.

About Figment –
Figment is the leading provider of staking infrastructure with billions of dollars of assets staked. Figment provides a comprehensive staking solution for asset managers, exchanges, wallets, foundations, custodians, and large token holders to earn rewards on their digital assets. Figment’s institutional staking service offers a point-and-click staking dashboard, portfolio reward tracking, API integrations, audited infrastructure, and slashing protection. Additionally, Figment empowers clients with standardized, accurate data for use cases such as index construction. Figment’s aim is to support the adoption, growth, and long-term success of the digital asset ecosystem. To learn more about Figment, please visit our website at


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Eunjeong Kang, MarketVector
+49 (0) 69 4056 695 38

Sam Marinelli, Gregory FCA on behalf of MarketVector