Thursday, January 25, 2024

LambdaTest announces the launch of SmartUI SDK for Effortless Visual Regression Testing


LambdaTest’s SmartUI SDK seamlessly integrates with your existing test suites empowering users to capture, compare, and analyze screenshots across browsers, enhancing testing efficiency.

(BUSINESS WIRE)--LambdaTest, a leading cloud-based unified testing platform announced the launch of its SmartUI SDK. This tool simplifies visual regression testing for its users in just one click and finds Visual UI Regression bugs easily with the help of Smart Testing.

SmartUI SDK seamlessly integrates into existing testing suites, transforming the approach to visual regression testing. This robust solution empowers users to effortlessly capture, compare, and analyze screenshots across various browsers and resolutions, ensuring comprehensive coverage and accuracy in visual testing endeavors.

The SmartUI dashboard serves as a powerful tool for identifying mismatches from the existing baseline screenshots.

The SmartUI SDK by LambdaTest brings substantial benefits to the testing process, with three key areas of impact:

Reduced Test Execution Time:

SmartUI SDK significantly reduces test execution time, enhancing efficiency and accelerating the release cycles.

Optimized Testing Resources:

Users experience better utilization of testing resources, ensuring a streamlined and resource-efficient testing environment.

Easy Configurations:

Maintenance of different configurations will be reduced and easily configured with basic changes rather than changing the complete wiring of test suites.

Mayank Bhola, Head of Product and Co-Founder, LambdaTest said, “We are pleased to announce the launch of SmartUI SDK, which addresses the crucial challenges faced by our users in visual regression testing. By reducing test execution time and optimizing testing resources, SmartUI SDK aligns with our commitment to providing innovative solutions that empower our users to achieve seamless and efficient testing processes.”

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