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KIWI Launches Ceramic Coil Disposable Vape KIWI GO with FEELM Max Technology

 VERONA, Italy - Wednesday, 28. June 2023

(BUSINESS WIRE)--KIWI, an Italian industry leader in vaping technology, proudly announces the launch of KIWI GO in Italy, featuring FEELM Max, the world’s first ceramic coil disposable solution. KIWI GO reflects a revolutionary stride in vaping technology, embracing advancements that elevate the vaping experience and further affirm KIWI’s commitment to user-centric innovation.

KIWI GO's Evolution in the Vaping Industry

KIWI GO, featuring FEELM Max in 2022, the world's first ceramic coil disposable solution, represents a groundbreaking advancement in vaping technology. This revolutionary product demonstrates KIWI's dedication to user-centric innovation, elevating the vaping experience to new heights.

Collaborating with FEELM, the world's leading vaping technology provider and flagship brand of atomization tech company SMOORE, KIWI has harnessed the power of FEELM Max to create KIWI GO. The incorporation of advanced heating technology through the ceramic coil, coupled with a constant power control system and a transparent e-liquid tank, has propelled KIWI GO to the forefront of the vaping industry.

Mattia Sparacino, CEO and founder of KIWI Vapor, highlighted the pivotal role played by the ceramic coil technology in KIWI GO. This innovation significantly enhances the product's performance, providing over 25% more puffs compared to traditional cotton coil solutions. Moreover, KIWI GO's compliance with TPD regulations ensures a generous 2 mL e-liquid capacity, offering consumers convenience and a compliant vaping solution.

KIWI GO's cotton-free design enables superior e-liquid utilization, resulting in enhanced flavor and vapor production. Furthermore, this cutting-edge technology reduces impurities from the heating process, ensuring a clean and silky vaping experience.

The constant power energy management system guarantees over 95% vapor consistency, ensuring a stable and satisfying vaping experience. KIWI GO's user-friendly design, complete with a practical transparent e-liquid tank, provides visual convenience and effortless e-liquid monitoring.

Industry Recognition for KIWI GO

The vaping industry has recognized KIWI GO's exceptional innovation and impact. At the Vapouround 2023 annual awards ceremony held in Birmingham on May 12, 2023, KIWI GO was crowned as the "Best Disposable," further solidifying its position as an industry leader.

Additionally, the recently concluded Vapouround MENA Vape Award 2023 honored KIWI's STARTER KIT as the "Best Open Pod System" in Dubai on June 21, 2023, showcasing the brand's comprehensive development and innovative performance of the leading vape brand.

Availability and Expansion

KIWI GO is available for purchase at retail outlets and KIWI's in-store displays throughout Italy starting from June 23. Currently operating 8 KIWI STOREs, the company plans to expand its presence with over 40 additional stores, ensuring Italian consumers have access to the best vaping products.

Mattia Sparacino expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "The launch of KIWI GO marks a significant leap forward in the future of vaping. Our relentless pursuit of product innovation, combined with FEELM's exceptional atomization technology, has culminated in a product that truly revolutionizes the industry. We eagerly anticipate pushing the boundaries even further."

KIWI's Collaboration with FEELM

KIWI's collaboration with FEELM exemplifies the brand's steadfast commitment to advancing vaping technology and providing superior, regulated vaping solutions on a global scale. KIWI GO stands as a testament to the company's ongoing dedication and pledge to drive technological evolution within the vaping industry.

About KIWI

Established in 2020, KIWI is an Italian brand at the forefront of the vaping industry. Its mission is to offer a simple and effective alternative to help people quit smoking. Designed in Italy with a global outlook, KIWI has rapidly expanded its reach, engaging distributors and consumers in over 45 countries within just two years.


As a flagship tech brand under SMOORE, FEELM is the world's leading provider of closed vape system solutions. Harnessing the power of Ceramic Coil Heating Technology and authentic Flavor Reproduction Technology, FEELM merges innovation and electronics to deliver the ultimate sensation and a premium vaping experience.


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