Sunday, May 14, 2023

Farrow Law Firm Announces Amicable Resolution of Claims Against Fly Victor Limited

 (BUSINESS WIRE)--By agreement of the Parties, Farrow Law Firm has been authorized to issue the following statement on behalf of Don’t Look Media LLC, Louis Spagnuolo, Farrow Law, P.A. and Jay Farrow.

Louis Spagnuolo, Don’t Look Media LLC, Jay Farrow and Farrow Law LLP amicably resolved any and all claims or causes of action they have or had against Clive Henry Jackson, Bernardus Vorster, Dan Northover, Nelson Rocha, Jr., Fly Victor Limited, Alyssum Group Limited, Alyssum Holdings Limited, Youngjets LLC, Fly Victor, Inc., Victor Technology, Inc., Sudranreb Consultancy Ltd., Infinet Technologies SARL, Longhurst Corporate Ltd., Letyano Limited, Autotorq Holdings Limited, Mike Ryan, and David Young. All such claims or causes of action have been amicably resolved.

The details of the resolution are confidential, but all legal claims have been discontinued. There has been no admission or determination of liability against any party, and all matters have been settled and/or dismissed. All prior statements that were made against or regarding these individuals or entities are hereby retracted.

The parties are pleased to have resolved their differences amicably.


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