Wednesday, January 4, 2023

NuriFlex successfully completed 2nd round of $NBLU token sales and is excited to announce a “Global NuriTopia Video Contest”

(BUSINESS WIRE) -- NuriFlex Holdings Inc. (, “NuriFlex”) announced that it has successfully completed the 2nd round of token sales as it continues its effort to build a large community of active members. About 100,000 people have joined the community to date.

With the successful completion of the 2nd round of sales and strong support from its community members, NuriFlex is excited to announce a “Global NuriTopia Video Contest”, that is expected to be held until the end of April 2023, and it will be open to everyone registered with NuriTopia. Each contestant will be able to participate in 5 different contest themes including best dancer, best singer and more. There will be several voting rounds to determine the final top 3 winners. The winners will be voted by the community members and the team, and the winners for each theme will receive;

1st Prize : $US10,000 worth of $NBLUs,

2nd Prize : $US5,000 worth of $NBLUs,

3rd Prize : $US3,000 worth of $NBLUs,

For more information on how to participate in the Global NuriTopia Video Contest, please check out at

About NuriFlex Holdings Inc.

Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, NuriFlex Holdings Inc. ( is a parent company to the NuriFlex Group, including NuriFlex Inc. (USA) (, NuriFlex Co., Ltd. (Korea) (, NuriVoice Co., Ltd. (Korea) (, NuriVista Co., Ltd. (Korea) (, NuriBill Co., Ltd. (Korea) (, MediHub Co., Ltd. (Korea) ( and more. NuriFlex Group provides solutions like metaverse platform, digital payment, AMI & Energy Platform, VoIP & Communication Platform and medical consulting platform.



NuriFlex Holdings Inc.

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